Is it Safe to Go to the Dentist with Covid-19 Transmission Still High?

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it, and we have had to adapt our ways almost overnight. Even amongst all the stress and uncertainty, we need to make sure we make our health a top priority during this time. This includes our dental health. At the beginning of the pandemic, all dentists closed their doors. Even though many are up and running now, due to the nature of the work carried out there, dental practices are still a high-risk area, so you need to make sure you take the necessary precautions before you go to the dentist.

Why Are Dentists High-Risk?

Dental practices are high-risk areas because covid-19 contaminates the saliva droplets of an infected individual. If these droplets make it into someone’s eyes, mouth or nose, they will be infected with the virus. In a dentist office, a large volume of saliva droplets is created and the instruments they use are also subject to transmitting infection. When some of the instruments are used, saliva and water can splash out onto surfaces and will be released into the air. These droplets can remain in the air for hours at a time, so even if the equipment, chair, handles and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, the air may not be safe.


What Can Dental Practices Do?

Wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) and cleaning the practices thoroughly is the first step to ensuring patient safety. This is because it will reduce the risk of covid-19 transmission to the staff in the dental practice, which will stop them from spreading the virus to the patients. Another thing dental practices can do is keep the waiting area empty or reduce the number of people who are allowed to sit in there. This will make it easier to enforce social distancing and reduce the risk of the virus spreading to patients in a closed space. In the reception area, many dental practices are looking to put up sneeze guards, as this offers reassurance if you are coming into contact with others.

Is It Safe to Go In?

Given the recent spread and destruction of covid-19, many experts are telling people to only visit the dentist if they are experiencing pain or it is classed as an emergency. Even though many dental practices are safe, putting yourself at risk for a routine dental check-up or cleaning is not worthwhile. If you need to visit the dentist, there are things that you can do to ensure your safety. Firstly, you should speak to the receptionist about the precautions they have put in place. You should only go in if you are healthy enough to do so. Check that they will contact you if an infected individual has visited the practice. Finally, you should wear your own PPE, like a face mask, during your visit.

To summarize, going to a dental practice is high-risk while transmission of covid-19 is still high. However, if you need to go in for an emergency appointment, then you should not put it off, as there are things that you and your dental practice can do to reduce your risk of catching this invisible killer.


Tips for Picking a Dentist

Are you looking for a new dentist? Maybe you switched jobs, moved, or you just want a change. If you have been searching for a dental clinic, you have probably realized that there are so many of them. Unfortunately, finding one that is best for you and your entire family can be quite a daunting task. This is because although there are numerous dental care providers, only a few of them have what it takes to offer top quality services at your best convenience. Below are some of the tips that you can count on to choose the right South Elgin dentist.

Primary Care Doctor’s Referral

If you have a family doctor that you trust, you can ask them for referrals to reliable dentists. Your primary care provider most likely has a rich network of local dentists to which he can connect you. The idea is to have a long list of reliable dentists from which you can pick the best.


Of course, you want a dentist that is as close to your workplace or home as possible. This can help to make your visits more convenient. For instance, you may want to visit the dentist before going to work, during lunch break, or late in the evening on your way home. You can search the internet for dental clinics near your location and list them for consideration.


Online Reviews

Before settling for any given dentist, you should check their online reputation. These days, it is easy to know what other people have experienced in the hands of any dental clinic by simply looking for online reviews. It is hard to find the perfect dentist, but it is wise to avoid those about which a lot of people are complaining.

Range of Services

Of course, you do not want to settle for a dentist who cannot solve most, if not all, dental issues that you have or you may develop. Therefore, before you settle for any particular dentist, it is important for you to go to their website and see the list of services that they offer. The more exhaustive the list of services offered, the better.

Visit and Book an Appointment

Once you have narrowed down your list to just a few dentists, you can make a point of scheduling an appointment with them and even visiting them. During your first visit, you should be very keen on the general appearance of the clinics, including their cleanliness. You should also take note of the attitude of their staff. If a clinic is not neat or you can’t get along with its team, avoid it.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that there are a number of tips you can count on to get the best. If you are looking for a reliable dentist, Pro Dental Care is the answer. Over the years, they have provided dozens of satisfied patients with a broad range of dental services, and you can count on their experience and professionalism to get the best dental care for yourself and your entire family.

What to Expect When You Go to Dentist Peterborough

What do you normally look for when you are searching for a dentist Peterborough? You want someone who will be able to provide all of the services that you are searching for. If you just need teeth cleaning, this will not be too problematic but if you need other services, you would need a dentist who knows more about the services that you need and want. If you want a dentist that you can trust, you can check out our Google page here.

There are some Peterborough dentists who would go through years of school just to learn the things that will set them apart from all the other dentists available. As a patient, you only want the best dentist that will put you at ease when you are sitting on the dentist chair. Just imagine if you do not trust your dentist, you are going to feel nervous the whole time that the procedures are being done to you. Do you want to know the services of the dentist that you can trust? You can find more information by checking out our Facebook page here.

If you have not seen a dentist for a long time, now is the time for you to schedule an appointment very soon. Some people will not go to a dentist until they are already feeling pain but this is not ideal unless you want to hurt yourself and undergo feelings of discomfort. You should not wait for the cavities to do extensive damage to your teeth. When you go to a dentist, you first need to undergo teeth cleaning so that the dentist will know the damage that has been done to your teeth and gums so far.

If the dentist sees that there are other problems that you need to be concerned about, you will be asked extensively about the health conditions you have encountered recently. You may be asked a few questions about your lifestyle. If the dentist finds out that some of the things that you do are causing you to have oral health problems, you may be asked to make some changes.

There will be times when you will be asked to undergo an x-ray in order to know the position of your teeth. One of the issues that you may have is impacted teeth. You do not want to live with this condition for as long as you live. Some experience really migraines because of their impacted teeth. If your impacted teeth are stopping you from doing your normal tasks, your dentist will recommend that your teeth be removed soon. If you want dentists that you can trust for the removal of your impacted teeth, you can check out

If there is one thing that you should remember, it is this: you do not have to be afraid of the dentist. If you want to improve the overall condition of your teeth, you need to find the right dentist regularly. Most people feel anxious about going to the dentist in the beginning but the more that you go to the dentist and the more that you trust your dentist Peterborough Ontario, the more that you will feel at ease.

A Few Tips in Choosing an Arborg Family Dentist for Your Family

What do you think is the reason why some people have healthy smiles? It is not only because they brush their teeth correctly and they floss every time. It is because they have found the right Arborg family dentist that can help them with all of their needed services. Even if you make a lot of effort to care for your teeth, the time will still come when you would need to get proper treatment for it. If you want to find a dentist who will truly provide your various needs, you can check out what we can offer when you check our page.

There are so many dentists to choose from and it can be challenging to find one that will give all of the services that you are searching for. There are also some considerations that you have to think about. For example, you need to find a dentist that has a dental clinic Arborg that is within the places that you normally travel to. It may be near your house or near your office so that you will not have any excuses why you cannot keep your appointment. This is one small factor but will affect how regular you would visit your dentist. You can learn more about us here.

What are the factors that you normally consider when choosing the right family dentist? You need to know a few tips that will allow you to make the right decision. The first thing you need to consider is if the dentist will be able to provide your different needs. If you are searching for a dentist that needs to help your whole family, you also need to search for one that will be able to help your kids or your elderly parents. The dentist must be versatile enough to provide your various needs.

You also need to know the personal training of the dentist in order to achieve the type of procedure that you want. There are some dentists that can only provide limited services. If you know that you have different needs, search for a dentist that can offer almost everything that you and your family needs. If the dentist cannot do it, he/she may refer you to a specialist who will provide your needed services.

You also have to find a dentist who will acknowledge your dental insurance. You have gotten the insurance in the first place in order to save your money and get all of the required services to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. If the dentist does not want to acknowledge your dental insurance, search for other dentists instead. You can check out what we can offer at Arborg family dental clinic. We have worked hard in order to keep our reputation and we will do our best to provide the services that you need.

With all of the tips that you have learned in finding the right dentist from dental clinics in Arborg, finding the right dentist will not be as complicated as before. Make sure to research and find information online before you make a short-list of the dentists that you think will be able to help you out.

When is the Right Time for Children to Visit a Dentist

In literature, there is a growing suspicion of the carcinogenicity of fluorine and its compounds, especially if it is used in the form of preparations that are swallowed systematically throughout the body. As fluoride is most needed to the youngest, everyone has to be cautious. It should be noted that children should wash their teeth at least twice a day, or if possible after every meal. Kennedy square dentist knows what is good for you.

First, they should be allowed to brush their teeth by themselves, so that they can develop a habit and then parents should check on them, and if necessary correct them if they are making some mistake. Children get excited when you let them do something meaningful because it makes them feel important. That is why you should let them do it by themselves. The brand of toothpaste should be well-known, by proven manufacturers, and everyone should pay attention and make sure that they buy a tooth paste that contains fluorine and is optimal for a certain age of the child.

Even from the youngest age, one should taketheir child to a dentist. These are mandatory check – ups that every person must have in order to have a good health. Many people do not practice this regularly and they think that children do not need to visit a dentist which is a wrong belief. Then when they go to visit a dentist it is often too late and it is usually when the child complains to a pain in their teeth.

Dentists are experienced professionals who know how to make children like them. They know how to perform an examination without making them feel scared and pressured. What you need to do is convince your child that you need to take them to a dentist because it is good for their health. And then, slowly, through the game, a skilled and experienced dentist will make contact with your child. Otherwise, the child (until the age of adulthood) should be checked by a specialist who also has experience in preventive dentistry, who is also qualified for this job.

In our community there is often a fear of the dentist, which is like “inherited” from generation to generation for years. People are just afraid to visit the dentist because of the irritating feeling they get when dentists use the tools which makes them feel uncomfortable.It is time for these attitudes to change, so that our children can have healthy teeth. Another great benefit that comes from visiting a dentist is that dentists offer a range of products that can, protect their teeth locally, both the baby teeth and your child’s permanent teeth. Local application of fluoride is not harmful and is completely enough to protect the teeth. At the same time, with regular visits to the dentist, the child will learn the proper dentistry technique and seamlessly learn how to like their dentist. So, when the time comes for something to be done in their mouth, there will be no fear.

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5 Signs Your Child Has Dental Caries

It’s an alarming sign that over 36% of the population around world (almost 2.43 billion people) contain dental caries. According to World Health Organization, nearly all adults go through this disease in their permanent teeth at any stage of their lives. Moreover, dental caries affects about 620 million people which is 9% of the total population of the world.

Recently, dental caries has become in both; adults and children, and surprisingly, it is more frequent in developed countries because, people there consumes more simple sugar than the ones in developing countries.

So, it’s high time, you should go see your dentist for teeth checkup. If you don’t know any dentist in your town, you should see the local listings of the dentists. For example, you can find out and learn about Kennedy Square Dental in the local listings of Brampton dentists.

This particular posts talks about the major causes of dental caries. There are 5 main reasons why people face this issue.

  1. Sugar Consumption

Sugar consumption causes a lot of tooth decays, because the bacteria present in a human mouth convert simple sugar into acid. If not properly cleaned, these acids can cause de-mineralization in tooth. You can remove this issue by using fluoride toothpaste; otherwise, ignorance to this issue can only make it worse.

  1. Bacteria

There are different kinds of bacteria present in a human mouth. They are called mutant streptococci. Some common bacteria include sobrinus, lactobacilli and streptococcuscause tooth loss, pain and infections. They cause plague and this leads to tooth decay. They can be inherited to children if adults kiss them on their cheeks.

  1. Exposure

Another important cause of dental caries is the exposure of tooth to acidic environment; such as after-meals or snacks. Bacteria in the mouth uses sugar from the food and convert it into acid that decreases pH. The salvia then helps recover the pH level inside the mouth dissolving mineral content of tooth surfaces. Teeth are too vulnerable under acidic environment and are exposed to dental caries. Therefore, for complete tooth care, regular checkup at dental clinic Brampton is very important.

  1. Content of Teeth

Other diseases and disorders in teeth also play their role in demineralizing the tooth and have greater risk of dental caries. For instance, Amelogenesis imperfect is a diseases that occurs in 1 in every 718 individuals. It makes tooth vulnerable to dental caries.

On the other hand, the teeth’s composition is itself makes them vulnerable. Tooth enamel is present in 96% of minerals. And these minerals are soluble in acidic environment, at pH level of 5.5.

  1. Slow Salivary Rate

If the salivary flow rate is slow, the chances of dental caries are more. That’s because saliva is the only natural tool that can counterbalance the acidic environment. If you take too much drug or medicines, you’ll have dry mouth issue as their side effects. Moreover, if you have a habit of chewing tobacco, it also reduces the salivary flow rate in your mouth. It will eventually result in dental caries.

How You Can Smile Better with Dentist Brampton

There was a time when people thought that they should not bother going to the dentist Brampton because they have assumed that their teeth would not let them down. Studies show that people then had really bad teeth due to cavities brought about by bad oral health habits. A lot of people suffered from toothaches then and the only solution that they had at that time is to get rid of the problematic tooth or teeth. In the past, there were no guidelines that had to be followed in order to know what to do and how often people should go to the dentist. Don’t you think you should feel lucky now because you can be given some tips on how to make your dentist visits more worthwhile? Admittedly, there is not a lot of evidence that suggests how often people should go to the dentist but for people who have had something done with their teeth like root canal, having dentures and even having some teeth removed would need to get their teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. If you still have your regular set of teeth, you may also have your teeth cleaned twice a year but once a year will be fine as well.


There are some people who may need more frequent visits because of their current habits.

  • Smokers in general are required to go often in order to get rid of the tar that may have gotten stuck in between the teeth.
  • Pregnant women may experience some hormonal changes and imbalances that may increase the number of cavities that can be found in the teeth. This is the reason why pregnant women are encouraged to go to the dentist more often.
  • Diabetics – Diabetics have the tendency to heal wounds more slowly than other people. This can be tricky especially if they have some oral health issues. The dentist will make sure that if they have any mouth wounds due to tooth removal, they will heal nicely.
  • People with Gum Disease – It is already evident why people with gum disease are recommended to go to the dentist more often. Having gum disease means that they are more prone to lose their teeth. Gum disease also becomes worse over time and it needs to be prevented immediately.
  • People with Weak Immune System – There are a lot of bacteria and germs that get stuck to the mouth area because of poor oral health or because of people’s lifestyle. Some are able to live through it but others become affected immediately because of a weakened immune system. Having bacteria in the mouth can lead to a wide variety of health conditions like cardiovascular diseases. It will be wise to prevent this by going to the dentist clinic Brampton
  • People Prone to Cavity Build Up – Some people are prone to cavities more than others. If you know that you get more cavities than other people it might be because of the food that you eat and your oral health habits in general.

Just remember that the schedule that you regularly have to keep at Brampton dental clinic can change in the future. If you have to go to the dentist frequently now, your oral health will improve and in time, you can visit less often. This is also the truth when you do not take good care of your teeth because you did not let Kennedy Square Dental give you details to maintain it well. Make it your goal to always improve your oral health.