In literature, there is a growing suspicion of the carcinogenicity of fluorine and its compounds, especially if it is used in the form of preparations that are swallowed systematically throughout the body. As fluoride is most needed to the youngest, everyone has to be cautious. It should be noted that children should wash their teeth at least twice a day, or if possible after every meal. Kennedy square dentist knows what is good for you.

First, they should be allowed to brush their teeth by themselves, so that they can develop a habit and then parents should check on them, and if necessary correct them if they are making some mistake. Children get excited when you let them do something meaningful because it makes them feel important. That is why you should let them do it by themselves. The brand of toothpaste should be well-known, by proven manufacturers, and everyone should pay attention and make sure that they buy a tooth paste that contains fluorine and is optimal for a certain age of the child.

Even from the youngest age, one should taketheir child to a dentist. These are mandatory check – ups that every person must have in order to have a good health. Many people do not practice this regularly and they think that children do not need to visit a dentist which is a wrong belief. Then when they go to visit a dentist it is often too late and it is usually when the child complains to a pain in their teeth.

Dentists are experienced professionals who know how to make children like them. They know how to perform an examination without making them feel scared and pressured. What you need to do is convince your child that you need to take them to a dentist because it is good for their health. And then, slowly, through the game, a skilled and experienced dentist will make contact with your child. Otherwise, the child (until the age of adulthood) should be checked by a specialist who also has experience in preventive dentistry, who is also qualified for this job.

In our community there is often a fear of the dentist, which is like “inherited” from generation to generation for years. People are just afraid to visit the dentist because of the irritating feeling they get when dentists use the tools which makes them feel uncomfortable.It is time for these attitudes to change, so that our children can have healthy teeth. Another great benefit that comes from visiting a dentist is that dentists offer a range of products that can, protect their teeth locally, both the baby teeth and your child’s permanent teeth. Local application of fluoride is not harmful and is completely enough to protect the teeth. At the same time, with regular visits to the dentist, the child will learn the proper dentistry technique and seamlessly learn how to like their dentist. So, when the time comes for something to be done in their mouth, there will be no fear.

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