Wrap Your Babies with Best Hip Seat Carriers

A hip seat carrier is a type of carrier which is used to hold your toddler comfortably on either side of your body in the hip carry position. It helps to carry the baby for a shorter period of time. It is sometimes called a toddler hip carrier.

Popular Toddler Carrier

Bebamour Foldable Baby Hip Seat Carrier is simple and easy to use. It can be used in 3 ways with the toddler facing inward, forward, and in a horizontal position. The seat has a non-slip surface of 5 inches which is enough for the baby to sit or stand and it safer to use. It has two zippered pockets for storing tissues, bottles, etc., and can be used for babies between 3 or 36 years old.

ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier has a longer, adjustable waist strap that can fit slim as well as plus-sized baby carriers. It comes with a waist belt whose circumference measures 28 to 44 inches. Their large stools have a non-slip surface and a 30-degree angle combined with the Velcro strap and buckle makes it one of the safest toddler hip carriers on the market and helps toddlers from falling down. It supports up to 45 pounds of weight or 3 to 36-month old babies.

Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat is designed for babies who are 3 to 36 months old and can support up to 33 pounds of weight. And at 1.82 pounds, it’s light enough for every adult to carry, even with a baby in it. It’s a seat and carrier combo and has a breathable surface (76% cotton) to keep the baby cool when the temperature is high. It has 6 different carrying styles, 3 as a hip seat carrier and 3 as an ordinary carrier. Its waist strap is about 48 inches, which is long enough for most people.

Per Fashionable Baby Hip Seat can be used for babies under 3 years old and supports up to 55 pounds of weight. Its wide stool and sponge lining provides a comfortable seating surface and its waist belt can be adjusted from 25.59 to 46.45 inches. Its pockets are small compared to other models.

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling is made with 100% cotton that is breathable and the sling in it supports up to 35 pounds of weight. It’s a straightforward carrier where you can wrap the baby in it. It is easy to maintain and can be washed in machines. The hip carrier can double up as a nursing cover when you need to breastfeed and aluminum rings present in it help to adjust the length of the sling.

Hippychick Hip Seat can be used for a 6-36-month-old baby. Its non-slip surface seat keeps the baby safe and for extra security, it has a waist strap that holds the position on your waist firmly. It is easy to put on or remove and can be washed in machines.