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5 Signs Your Child Has Dental Caries

It’s an alarming sign that over 36% of the population around world (almost 2.43 billion people) contain dental caries. According to World Health Organization, nearly all adults go through this disease in their permanent teeth at any stage of their lives. Moreover, dental caries affects about 620 million people which is 9% of the total population of the world.

Recently, dental caries has become in both; adults and children, and surprisingly, it is more frequent in developed countries because, people there consumes more simple sugar than the ones in developing countries.

So, it’s high time, you should go see your dentist for teeth checkup. If you don’t know any dentist in your town, you should see the local listings of the dentists. For example, you can find out and learn about Kennedy Square Dental in the local listings of Brampton dentists.

This particular posts talks about the major causes of dental caries. There are 5 main reasons why people face this issue.

  1. Sugar Consumption

Sugar consumption causes a lot of tooth decays, because the bacteria present in a human mouth convert simple sugar into acid. If not properly cleaned, these acids can cause de-mineralization in tooth. You can remove this issue by using fluoride toothpaste; otherwise, ignorance to this issue can only make it worse.

  1. Bacteria

There are different kinds of bacteria present in a human mouth. They are called mutant streptococci. Some common bacteria include sobrinus, lactobacilli and streptococcuscause tooth loss, pain and infections. They cause plague and this leads to tooth decay. They can be inherited to children if adults kiss them on their cheeks.

  1. Exposure

Another important cause of dental caries is the exposure of tooth to acidic environment; such as after-meals or snacks. Bacteria in the mouth uses sugar from the food and convert it into acid that decreases pH. The salvia then helps recover the pH level inside the mouth dissolving mineral content of tooth surfaces. Teeth are too vulnerable under acidic environment and are exposed to dental caries. Therefore, for complete tooth care, regular checkup at dental clinic Brampton is very important.

  1. Content of Teeth

Other diseases and disorders in teeth also play their role in demineralizing the tooth and have greater risk of dental caries. For instance, Amelogenesis imperfect is a diseases that occurs in 1 in every 718 individuals. It makes tooth vulnerable to dental caries.

On the other hand, the teeth’s composition is itself makes them vulnerable. Tooth enamel is present in 96% of minerals. And these minerals are soluble in acidic environment, at pH level of 5.5.

  1. Slow Salivary Rate

If the salivary flow rate is slow, the chances of dental caries are more. That’s because saliva is the only natural tool that can counterbalance the acidic environment. If you take too much drug or medicines, you’ll have dry mouth issue as their side effects. Moreover, if you have a habit of chewing tobacco, it also reduces the salivary flow rate in your mouth. It will eventually result in dental caries.