arthroscopic shoulder surgery

What to know about arthroscopic shoulder surgery by Dr. Ronald Hess

Shoulder problems can cause debilitating pain and make the simplest tasks become difficult chores. Imagine not being able to dress up in the morning for work because of a shoulder injury. Dr. Hess is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopic shoulder surgery in West Chester for shoulder injuries, such as rotator cuff tears.

He uses shoulder arthroscopy surgery to examine and repair tissues inside or around your shoulder joint, enabling you to get back to those sporting activities and be able to perform your daily living activities without excruciating pain.

Below is all you ought to know about shoulder arthroscopic surgery;

Arthroscopic surgery

It refers to the use of an arthroscope, which is a small narrow tube inserted into the shoulder joint through a small incision to view flayed, degenerative tissue and damaged tendons. Another incision is made in the joint for insertion of a small instrument to;

  1. Debride degenerative tissue for the healthy ones to remain
  2. Increase space of rotator cuff by removing bone spurs and inflamed tissues
  3. Remove arthritis from acromioclavicular joint
  4. Repair and reattach ligaments, labrum, and joint capsule for shoulder instability
  5. Relocate the torn-long head of the bicep’s tendons
  6. Repair a torn rotator cuff

Types of shoulder injuries and how they are treated

Rotator cuff tear: The treatment for the rotator cuff varies depending on your surgeon. Dr. Hess treats all rotator cuff arthroscopically to alleviate the pain.

Labral tears: Shoulder instability such as SLAP tears and Bankart tears are treated with arthroscopy, and patients should closely follow post-operative rehab protocol for faster healing.

Shoulder bursitis: If you have impingement syndrome and the conservative measures are not working, Dr. Ronald recommends arthroscopic subacromial decompression, which removes inflamed bursa and bones from the irritated area of rotator cuff tendons. Removal of these tissues creates more space for the tendons and reduces inflammation which occasionally subsides.

arthroscopic shoulder surgery in West Chester

Bicep tendonitis: When your bicep tendons become inflamed and irritated, they cause excruciating pain; therefore, bicep tenodesis is an arthroscopic shoulder surgery procedure that helps remove the damaged portion and reattach the tendon.

Frozen shoulder: Adhesive capsulitis requires arthroscopic surgery to alleviate the symptoms.

AC joint arthritis: When the AC of the joint is severely damaged, it is removed arthroscopically to alleviate the symptoms.

The other shoulder injuries that are treated arthroscopically are distal clavicle, shoulder dislocations, and cartilage damage.

Arthroscopic procedure

After diagnosis and physical evaluation, your surgeon injects fluid into your shoulder to inflate the joint, making it easier for the arthroscope to view all the structures of your shoulder.

The surgeon then makes a small incision in your shoulder to insert the arthroscope, and fluid flows through the arthroscope to keep a clear view and control any bleeding.

Images are then projected on the screen to show your shoulder damages. Then your surgeon will insert a specialized instrument through a separate incision for shaving, suture passing, tying knot, cutting, and grasping. Then you will stay in the recovery room for twelve hours before being discharged to recover at home following post-operative protocol.

Conduct shoulder arthroscopic specialist today

Arthroscopy results in fewer complications, less hospital stay, and faster recovery; therefore, schedule an appointment with Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine specialist Ronald Hess, MS, DO and get comprehensive evaluation and treatment to alleviate shoulder pain.

Hair Transplantation as a Cure for Baldness

Hair Transplantation as a Cure for Baldness

Baldness, a common problem among men, has puzzled scientists for many years. Men, in particular, were looking for a cure to revive the old hair they once had. Many scalp oil sellers have claimed to promote hair growth, but these have been discredited and rebutted as mere scams.

Due to the sudden development of technology, a solution was finally found.

The predominant baldness problem is the main cause of your frustration and the threat to change your personality. If you are trapped in a zone of frustration and want to get rid of this terrible suffering, you must go through some therapies to eradicate this problem. There are two types of hair loss: male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

Gone are when there was no solution to some inevitable problems like hair loss, and people were left in pain. Today’s world has witnessed many improvements and technological advances in the medical field. Clever Scientists and researchers have come up with great solutions to some impossible diseases.

Hair transplantation is one of the most outstanding inventions in the world of medicine. The whole process of hair transplantation can be called follicular unit extraction, in which existing hair follicles are used and placed on the bald spot.


Male pattern baldness:

In the case of male pattern baldness, it is usually suppressed by the hormone 5-dihydrotestosterone. Eventually, a particular pattern of hair loss occurs as a result. The hair that surrounds the back of the head is genetically strong and therefore lives permanently. Hair transplant helps with this type of baldness by using the follicles of this permanent back hair and transplanting them onto the bald spot.

Can a medicine help with baldness?

The treatment starts when the best hair transplant surgeon determines how big your thinning/bald spot is required to remove baldness. After that, the donor’s ability to locate is tested: on the back and on the sides of the head, where the hair is the thickest.

The method usually receives a green signal if sufficient grafts can be taken from the donor’s head. At a hair transplant clinic like Skyclinic  the best hair transplant surgeon will extract the hair from the donor’s head and implant it where it is thinned. Remember that a hair transplant is performed when the patient is fully awake. Hair transplant is the only solution to restore new hair growth.

Female pattern baldness:

Although baldness is common, today, even women are victims of this terrible problem. The previous events have been associated with male pattern baldness. Now let’s talk about female pattern hair loss. Well, several factors point to the cause of hair loss in women.

The reason can be related to hormonal or genetic disorders or any trauma leading to stress, environmental pollution, aging, and many others. Female pattern hair loss is usually treated after analyzing the actual cause of the problem.


Various examinations and tests are currently being carried out to understand the appearance and nature of hair loss. Hair transplant clinics also try to check the patient’s medical history before starting any treatment. You can rest assured that reputable clinics will offer you safe treatments with a higher success rate.

Struggling With Hair Loss? Here is How Non-Surgical Treatment Can Help

Our hair says a lot about us. Unfortunately, hair loss is a common issue that affects a majority of people. Hair loss is caused by various reasons, ranging from disruption of the hair growth cycle to the destruction of hair follicles. Hair loss can be permanent due to genetics, sickness, or environmental issues. It can also be temporary or due to stress, hormonal fluctuations, or lack of nutrients. Luckily, with non-surgical hair restoration in Austin, there is hope of getting your scalp full of hair again.

When should I see a doctor for hair loss?

Often, hair loss does not need medical treatment, but you can seek help for cosmetic reasons. Various factors may cause this condition; if you are concerned about hair loss, you should seek medical help when you experience the following:

  •   Gradual hair loss
  •   Presence of bald patches or spots in your scalp
  •   Too much hair loss
  •   Hair loss that is accompanied by itching or redness

It is important to note any changes in your body. Hair loss may not be a reason to worry, but it may indicate a medical problem if you experience too much hair loss. You are advised to visit your doctor and talk to them about the sudden thinning.

Am I a candidate for non-surgical hair restoration?

For some people, non-surgical hair restoration methods may not work. But due to technological advancement, non-surgical hair restoration methods are the best solutions. This is because you will not have to change your lifestyle, pay costly amounts for surgery or undergo a painful operation. You may be thinking that this is an excellent option to restore your hair loss, but the question remains, can it work for you? Non-surgical hair restoration can work for the following people:

  •   Men and women experiencing pattern baldness
  •   It is appropriate for anyone experiencing Alopecia Areata.
  •   If you do not have existing donor hair to help as donor hairs in the affected parts.
  •   It is recommended for people who are searching for instant hair loss solutions to cover excessive baldness.
  •   Anyone with widespread hair loss and needs to cover areas where hair transplants were not able to cover.

What are the benefits of non-surgical hair replacement options?

You can achieve a lot after getting a non-surgical hair restoration procedure. It gives you a natural look, just like your real growing hair. The following are what you can achieve from this procedure:

  •   People may not easily notice the hair restoration from inches away.
  •   It restores the natural hairline.
  •   It revitalizes the crown area
  •   Hair emerges from your scalp.

It is not abnormal to lose hair, but if you are worried about the sudden hair loss, seek help from your doctor. You may not know if it is stress, a medical condition, or lack of nutrients that are causing your hair to thin. Your doctor has the experience of examining your scalp and identifying what may be causing hair loss. If you want a minimally invasive solution to your hair loss, book an appointment with your specialist at Texas Hair Restoration Center to get a natural-looking hairline.

Your Ultimate Hair Loss Treatment And Regain Confidence

Your Ultimate Hair Loss Treatment And Regain Confidence

Usually, most men are having troubles with hair loss and balding. It commonly occurs at ages 30 and above. Although girls may have this kind of hair issue, they can easily find solutions. Unlike men, they can’t easily find ways as women do. Hair problems, such as hair loss and balding problems, can loss of confidence. Therefore, men wear caps or wearing hoodies to cover balding heads. This time, guys need not wear all these camouflages. They can walk heads-up and confident with their beautiful hairstyle. The right solution for hair loss is the ultimate hair replacement and to regain confidence now.

The European hair loss treatment

Hair restoration is no more a problem today. Technology speaks that it can collide with science like growing your hair using the latest and modern European hair loss treatment. The treatment is very modern and realistic. You will never recognize that hair replacement treatment happened. It is a treatment that is non-surgical. Meaning, it can’t be painful and has no side effects. It is purely modern and sophisticated, which makes your hair and style looks different yet unchanged your style. Although it makes your style different, it doesn’t how your style is. The hair loss treatment is a purely modern, non-surgical nor chemical treatment used.

hair replacement

Hair restoration solution

There is no way for you to lose self-confidence; you are just losing hair. Losing hair has a solution to build up that self-confidence. No need for you to lose self-confidence, the same with the hair, hair restoration is possible. There is a good way for you to restore your hair with the unique solution of losing hair. Style your hair and cover that losing hair; it is a natural and friendly solution not to damage the scalp more and prevent it from continuous balding.

Your hair, your style!

Not everyone has the confidence to face everybody, especially if they have hair problems. Either damage hair or more serious hair loss problem, both can be treated. The only way is to style your hair and that is how you handle it. As they say, your hair, your style is true. If you learn to love your hair, you can always find a solution to make it look new. There is the only way to make you look more presentable, and that is how you bring your hair.

Hair loss treatment comes with a variety of options. You can have chemically treated or surgical treatment. But, there could always be a natural hair loss treatment, and that is to style your hair. Love how the way it is and learn to appreciate hairstyles. These are the ways to change how you look while keeping you in style. As what the others say, style it, love it!

The ultimate solution for restoring lost hair with effective pills

The ultimate solution for restoring lost hair with effective pills

In recent times almost everyone, both male and females have been experiencing baldness issue. Several treatments are now available in the market, but not all are safe to use. The hair loss pill is one of the most tried remedies in the market. However, different hairy pill types have emerged in the pharmacy industry that choosing the safest and effective one is quite challenging.

Luckily, we have come up with the ultimate solution for restoring lost hair with the most effective and safest pill in the market. The following guide will assist in choosing the safest and effective pill not only for restoring hair loss but also to prevent further excess loss in the future:

Effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

After several researches, they have concluded that hair loss’s primary reason comes as a result of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. After discovering the leading cause of hair loss, medical experts have invented different medication types to block or prevent the existence of DHT. Many people are continually looking for the most effective pill that blocks DHT and restore their hair to its previous glory. Here are some questions about the hair loss pill:

hairy pill

Does hair loss pill work?

One of the questions that mostly pop up in many people’s minds is whether a hair loss pill works. Honestly, hairy pills will only work when the hair falling’s primary cause is a health condition. Mostly it happens when someone suffers from excess hair loss because of concerns or stress. Gaining extreme weight is another factor that results in hair fall. Also, a chemical imbalance that occurs during pregnancy is another primary cause of hair loss or baldness. If you have experienced any of the situations, then a hair loss pill might work for you.

Which one is the right pill for you?

The next questions you need to ask yourself once you’ve opted for the hairy pill are the suitable or right pill. Hair loss pills that contain a high ingredient of palmetto are entirely known for blocking the DHT. Therefore, it is useful in stopping excess hair loss issues. Also, it is a common anti-androgen that cures hair thinning efficiently.

Propecia pill

Hair loss pills are women different from males; the Propecia pill has always been believed effective for curing baldness in men. If you compare the Propecia pill to a hair implant, the hair pill is the co-effective and perfect solution for treating hair falling problem. Hence, you can now end hair loss worries by choosing the most effective hairy pill.


Even though it can be quite challenging to choose the right one from the varieties that are already available in the market, you can still get the right pill by consulting any qualified hair loss specialist near you.

The hair thinning problem is a big issue

The hair thinning problem is a big issue

As we all know that hair loss is a major problem now a day’s. Start from the teenage to elderly aged people, most of us are facing this problem. Of course, there are many treatments available to overcome hair loss problems. Due to excessive pollution factors, hectic busy life results, irregular time eating, etc. results in hair damage problems severely. So to overcome these hair losses, thickening of hair is needed initially. It is possible with branded hair fibres only.

Generally, hair loss is observed while combing your hair, it is also seen in while washing your hair and can be seen in your towels. From reports, hair loss per day has happened around the count of 100 hair follicles daily. If the count is increased like anything, you might need treatment. People usually go with natural home remedies and if it doesn’t work out then hair loss or hair thickening treatments like hair fibres is the best choice. This treatment helps you to cover your baldness and probably enhance the thickness of your hair scalp as well.

Let’s know about when to apply the hair thickening fibres to your affected hair scalp bald area:


  • It is best to apply the thickening fibres when you feel that your hair left too much dry and it is best recommendable to use to the thinning area of your scalp.
  • Apply the product by blending the product in more several shades and gently apply it with your fingers depending upon the intensity of the affected thinning area of your scalp. Never forget the color of the thickening fibre product you use must evenly match your natural hair follicle perfectly to thicken your hair. Otherwise, it looks odd if the color doesn’t match your scalp hair follicle.
  • Thereafter use the holding spray and spray it on your fibres you applied on the scalp to maintain consistency and also need to make the fibres water-resistant perfectly. So, before going to know about the basic procedure of applying any thickening fibres, you are advised to read the product information and directions to use relevant information clearly to experience perfect hair thickening eventually.


Some pros of using these thickening fibres:

It is very easy to use and the application of these hair thickening fibres products do consume very less time. Most importantly, it impacts the baldness look which turns into normal healthy hair only.

These products are easily carried wherever you travel. It is such a portable product. Moreover, you can see different colors of hair thickening fibres like black or dark brown colors, grey colors, etc. it is highly recommended to use.



Proper usage of these hair thickening fibres is advisable to avoid any kind of side effects. It is better to apply over the backside of your ear or apply on your hand to check any sense of irritation before going to apply directly on your scalp. This is how hair thickening fibres are widely recommended everywhere to avoid thinning of your hair scalp.

Hair transplantation is the permanent hair fall remedy clinically

Hair transplantation is the permanent hair fall remedy clinically

In today’s busy schedule world, the most common problem incurred to both men and women is hair damage. Either the hair gets dry or it keeps on falling like anything that leads to severe hair loss. This is why hair loss treatment addresses every person in the name of different treatment options. Most of the people firstly depend on natural home remedies to stop excess hair falling or dandruff related problems. If these remedies don’t work out, people depend on leading hair care clinics or the services that offer respective hair care treatments..

Generally, people prefer hot oil massages for thick hair growth or applying henna. Moreover, there are hair packs that reduce the dandruff problem. Some may be fed up with their excessive hair fall choose to cut their hair and make it short to feel much relieved. Apart from all these natural remedy measures, people are researching more on hair care treatments start from hair fall, dandruff, head lice problems, and what not? Today every hair-related treatments are available and the services are unlimited. But choosing the right treatment is important. Among them, hair transplantation is the major hair loss treatment where most of the people prefer it. 

hair loss treatment

Let’s focus on the several advantages of the treatments that help you to stop your hair falling eventually; 

  • Of course, this treatment is extremely cost-effective but it is permanent. Here the new hair follicles that match your existing hair follicles are stitched to the scalp of your hair. In general, probably three months’ time span is enough to let the hair growth. This procedure is majorly advised to the one those who experience baldness very soon due to their weak hair follicles.
  • This treatment may easily build up your confidence as your hair look completely change your beauty. Gradually the thickness of the hair also increases. This is why your doctor advises you to undergo a hair fall evaluation test. So, they can easily evaluate your hair fall intensity easily, and based on that they will do this treatment of hair transplantation.
  • Moreover, you can apply any kind of shampoo or oil after this treatment happily. Maintaining your hair is also very easy after this procedure.
  • Most of the men and even women are dependent on hair transplant options widely now to avoid baldness permanently. So, you need not worry about this treatment as it is an entirely safe and secure process. You can style up your hair and even you can dye your hair as there are no chances of losing the transplanted hair over here. 


Hence from the above-discussed benefits of treating hair fall issues in the name of hair transplant, you might realize its essence before going with it. But remember one thing, if you are done with effective hair fall treatment, you should maintain your hair properly and need to follow up with your hair care health provider by regular monitoring.

Hair Restoration and Transplant

Hair Restoration and Transplant Specialist Located in Hauppauge, New York

Many aging people face the prospect of losing hair. It can be a stressful situation for both men and women. However, the days of having to live with a bald head are over. If you are a resident in New York, there is a Hauppauge hair restoration and transplant specialist who can help stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth in affected areas.

When you visit Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers, in Hauppauge, NY, you will find Dr. David A. Mayer, who is a hair restoration and transplant specialist. He leads a team of well-trained professionals who provide hair restoration services to both men and women.

The team works closely with each patient to provide personalized solutions. When you check-in for an appointment, one of the providers will examine your hair loss problem and determine the best course of action to take.

What is Hair Restoration?

It is also known as hair transplant surgery, and it is a cosmetic procedure that restores hair to parts of the scalp that are bald or have thinning hair. At the clinic, it is also possible to restore hair in areas such as eyebrows and facial hair.

Hair Restoration and Transplant

The different types of hair restoration include:

1. Flap surgery

2. Hair transplantation

3. Scalp reduction surgery

4. Tissue expansion surgery

The team of professionals determines the best type of hair restoration to apply to each patient. They do this by pinpointing the root cause of hair loss. Also, the hair restoration’s objective will help the providers choose the right surgical procedure to use.

Who should come in for hair restoration?

The best candidates for hair transplant surgery are people who are beginning to bald. It is also essential that the person has healthy hair growth at the sides or back of the head. For completely bald people, other treatment options exist that are more beneficial than hair restoration.

If you want to have a successful hair restoration procedure, you need to have portions where healthy hair is growing. These become the donor areas, where the treatment providers can source grafting or flap material.

Why choose to come at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers

There are numerous reasons you should decide to book an appointment at the facility for a hair restoration procedure. They include:

1. An Experienced and well-trained lead surgeon

Dr. A Mayer is a board-certified surgeon who has excellent education and experience in hair transplant surgery. He leads his team of world-class and respected doctors, nurses, and clinicians to provide safe and effective hair restoration services.

2. Cutting edge technology

The team at the facility uses modern and advanced techniques to offer hair restoration services. For instance, it uses the ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System. This is one of the most advanced hair restoration technologies available.

The system uses artificial intelligence and 3D imagery to map and calculate the hair follicle data for successful graft harvesting. With this technology, you can have successful and long-lasting results. The hair implants blend with the surrounding hair, and no one will tell you that you had a hair transplant.

If you have any hair loss or thinning problems, you can book an appointment at the facility to learn more about hair restoration. You will be able to regain your hairline and regain your confidence as you step in at your workplace.

Restore Hair

False Alarms of Alopecia


Alopecia can occur in people of all ages. Early diagnosis and treatment help to restore hair in a good time. It is reported that 2 in every 3 men with baldness would want to restore their hair so as to boost their self-esteem.

Proper maintenance of your hair, doing exercises, and eating a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals are just but a few ways to prevent hair loss. Regardless of the triggering factor of your hair loss, Dr. Martin Maag in Lakewood Ranch can restore your hair with excellent results.

Which Signs Can Show That You Have Alopecia?

A noticeable receding hairline is a sign of Alopecia. You may notice when your normal uniform hairline starts to fall back and forms a V shape. Looking at yourself in the mirror may not be very effective to determine whether you have alopecia. It is better to compare your photos taken some time apart in the same lighting. Most hair loss starts around the temple region of the face.

Restore Hair

Loss of hair in patches is a sign of Alopecia. The patches are normally round or coin-shaped with smooth edges. The patch may be only a single spot or even a few spots varying in size.

Losing hair in almost the whole scalp, though rarely seen, it has been reported in some people. Some people have gone bald or lost hair in awkward places like the back of their heads. This is a sign of Alopecia.

Noticeable changes in the finger and toenails are signs of a type of Alopecia called Alopecia areata. These changes include; nails becoming brittle and cracking, nails having pits and pinpointed dents, rough nails with white spots, and nails that have lost their natural shine.

What are Examples of False Alarms of Alopecia?

1. Having an itchy scalp is not a sign of Alopecia and it mostly occurs when you produce excess sebum and have a dry scalp causing irritation.

2. If you notice a few hairs on your comb, soap, towel, or pillow it does not mean that you have Alopecia. It is normal to lose a few hairs per day.

3. If you see the whole bulb on falling out hairs, there is no need to be worried because this just means that the hair follicle was in the intermediate phase of hair growth.

4. Having a grandfather or a relative with Alopecia does not mean that you will definitely also get alopecia. You may just be a carrier of the gene.

5. If you notice thin and wide gaps between your hair after a shower or swimming, it does not mean that you have Alopecia. The hair has simply clumped together.

6. Having hair that resembles exclamation marks is not a sign of Alopecia. These hairs are very thin at the scalp and eventually become very brittle and fall off.


There are some signs that can make you think that you have Alopecia but most of these are just false alarms. It is important to check in with a specialist to confirm your diagnosis and array your worries.

Hair Loss Shampoo- Remedy For Your Hair Loss

Hair Loss Shampoo- Remedy For Your Hair Loss

People often misunderstand that the process of hair loss does not include their growing back. On the contrary, hair fall is a naturally occurring process where one hair strand falls out to make room for a new one which prevents complete baldness. Generally, there is no need for panicking because it is only considered worse when the fallen hair no longer grows back.

Consequently, it leaves bald spots at various places on the scalp. One cannot easily notice excessive hair loss until half of the hair strands are fallen. Some people believe that home remedies can work wonders and cures it completely. Luckily enough, this modern technology and advancement in science have enabled the professionals to create a solution for excessive hair fall, which is a hair loss shampoo. You can easily find them at a local drugstore, pharmacy shops or you can even order it online.

To detect if you are losing more than normal amount here are a few symptoms you can check yourself for:

  • Thinning of hair
  • Bald spots
  • Receding hairline 

What are the benefits of using anti-hair fall shampoo? 

  1. Clean scalp build-up: Some type of hair falls such as Telogen effluvium usually occurs due to the formation of follicles on the hair scalp. Anti-hair falls shampoos help to remove scalp build-up and promotes hair growth.
  2. Biotin: Biotin is also known as vitamin B and is an essential requirement for hair growth. Anti-hair fall shampoo has a considerable amount of biotin in them which triggers hair growth, reduces hair fall and leaves your hair feeling fuller and thicker.
  3. Nourishment: Clinically tested anti-hair fall shampoos not only provide deep nourishment to the scalp and prevent it from drying but also prevents dandruff. Components such as keratin form natural protection around hair follicles and prevent them from breaking. 

The most common type of hair fall found is Androgenetic which affects more than 40% of the total population of men and more than 25% in women. Androgenetic is hereditary and can be treated with proper medication or surgery.

However, most importantly one should know that there can be numerous reasons behind your hair fall. It can be due to excessive stress, a poor diet that lacks nutrients and vitamins or hormonal imbalance in the body. Hence it is important to know the root cause of your hair loss problem before treating it directly with any hair loss shampoo. If someone uses such shampoo without considering their doctor first then they can end up with excessive inflammation and other skin allergies from it. There is a huge market for hair care products that stimulate hair growth, removes dandruff and benefits consumer in every way.