There was a time when people thought that they should not bother going to the dentist Brampton because they have assumed that their teeth would not let them down. Studies show that people then had really bad teeth due to cavities brought about by bad oral health habits. A lot of people suffered from toothaches then and the only solution that they had at that time is to get rid of the problematic tooth or teeth. In the past, there were no guidelines that had to be followed in order to know what to do and how often people should go to the dentist. Don’t you think you should feel lucky now because you can be given some tips on how to make your dentist visits more worthwhile? Admittedly, there is not a lot of evidence that suggests how often people should go to the dentist but for people who have had something done with their teeth like root canal, having dentures and even having some teeth removed would need to get their teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. If you still have your regular set of teeth, you may also have your teeth cleaned twice a year but once a year will be fine as well.


There are some people who may need more frequent visits because of their current habits.

  • Smokers in general are required to go often in order to get rid of the tar that may have gotten stuck in between the teeth.
  • Pregnant women may experience some hormonal changes and imbalances that may increase the number of cavities that can be found in the teeth. This is the reason why pregnant women are encouraged to go to the dentist more often.
  • Diabetics – Diabetics have the tendency to heal wounds more slowly than other people. This can be tricky especially if they have some oral health issues. The dentist will make sure that if they have any mouth wounds due to tooth removal, they will heal nicely.
  • People with Gum Disease – It is already evident why people with gum disease are recommended to go to the dentist more often. Having gum disease means that they are more prone to lose their teeth. Gum disease also becomes worse over time and it needs to be prevented immediately.
  • People with Weak Immune System – There are a lot of bacteria and germs that get stuck to the mouth area because of poor oral health or because of people’s lifestyle. Some are able to live through it but others become affected immediately because of a weakened immune system. Having bacteria in the mouth can lead to a wide variety of health conditions like cardiovascular diseases. It will be wise to prevent this by going to the dentist clinic Brampton
  • People Prone to Cavity Build Up – Some people are prone to cavities more than others. If you know that you get more cavities than other people it might be because of the food that you eat and your oral health habits in general.

Just remember that the schedule that you regularly have to keep at Brampton dental clinic can change in the future. If you have to go to the dentist frequently now, your oral health will improve and in time, you can visit less often. This is also the truth when you do not take good care of your teeth because you did not let Kennedy Square Dental give you details to maintain it well. Make it your goal to always improve your oral health.