The trendione steroid is a pro-hormone taken in the oral form where this steroid is found relatively common in the cutting circles of the athletes and body building. While considered an over the counter these steroid supplements sometimes can contribute to the quite impressive results. The trendione is an oral prohormone that also known as the hormone precursors where these products are typical compounds that promote the secretion and production of hormones in the body like growth hormone, insulin like growth factor or testosterone. The trendione is mostly perceived by the bodybuilders to be pro hormone that provides the similar effects of the veterinary steroid Trenbolone. The trenbolone steroid drug is commonly used in the cattle industries for enhancing the feed efficiency and development of the lean body muscle mass in cattle prior to the slaughter.

The trenbolone is quite potent both in the androgenic and anabolic properties and it also provides the effects that are reputed o be five times that of the normal testosterone. The molecular structure of the trendione steroid is similar to that of the veterinary grade androgenic anabolic steroid trenbolone through the specific placement of the ketone. This modification is perceived to promote the presence of the trenbolone in the body. The following are the some of the benefits of the trendione. They are.

  • Enhance the circulation and blood flow
  • Influence the overall masculinity
  • Boost muscle strength
  • Increase the muscle mass size
  • Decrease the body fat

The bodybuilders often turn to the products like Trendione for their shredding or cutting cycles. As with any pro-hormone or the androgenic anabolic steroidal compounds used by the athletes and body builder users will find a variety of the recommendations when it comes to the dosage.

Trenbolone stacks and trendione side effects

Stacking with the trendione requires a decrease in the dosage averaging 20mg a day to 50 mg per day and some of the most common components stacked with the trendione includes.

  • Deca durabolin
  • Testosterone
  • Primobolan
  • Equipoise

When it comes to the results of the trendione comments regarding often impressive body muscle mass and strength gains are mentioned only the 10 days use. However because of the trendione accelerate in the ability to increase the muscle mass where number of the body builders has complained that it does take a toll on the endurance and stamina. While the side effects associated with the trendione are rated relatively low to moderate depending on the dosage level and its frequency.

Their similarities in the effects to trenbolone can also trigger and unexpected serious side effects even in the oral form. The trenbolone does effects on our body blood pressure and converts in the cholesterol levels that may concern the cardiovascular health. The main issues of the trendione should not be underestimated, especially with the substance that has the potential to trigger the serious adverse reactions in the body. The trenavar reviews are mixed with in regard to these side effects.