Tanning claims several health benefits such as increased vitamin D level, improved appearance, enhanced mood and boosts confidence. Everyone, especially the ladies’ aspiration is to look good. They want to have shiny skin with a golden glow. It makes them include tanning in their daily routine. Before exposing yourself to the sun rays, you have to find out the best time for tanning. If you have the intent to tan, you have to do it properly to get some health benefits. Too much exposure to the sun results in many side effects, and one among them is melanoma. You might burn your skin, and it affects all parts of your body. I have seen many people giving positive review about the planet fitness tanning, you can also try it.

The best time for tanning and the number of hours required for tanning depends upon your skin type. Some people may have their skin type which tans faster than others. Let us focus on the suggestions which might help you to find the best time for tanning.

Best time to tan outside

If you wish to get tanned in a very short period, then it is the best choice to get from the strong rays of the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are dangerous as they cause cancer in the skin. Too much exposure may result in sun rash which is called heart rash with red and itchy skin. So that people may often have doubts about what is the best time for tanning outside? The answer is, the best time to take a nap outside is between 10.00 am and about 4.00 pm.

The time interval between these five hours is the best time for tanning. The person who takes a nap at this time gets the faster result.

The time limit for tanning

Some skin specialists recommend that you can sunbathe for up to 20 minutes a day without sunscreen. It will be better to take 5 to 10 minutes to avoid the risk of sunburn. The skin response to the radiation depending upon their location, how they are close to the equator.

Myths and facts about sunscreen and tanning

People believe in myths about sunscreen and tanning, skin cancer, and UV rays. It is not true that a sunscreen lotion may prevent their skin from damage. Based on scientific facts, a tan works on the response given by the body when your skin is exposed to UV rays. More amount of the coloring pigment of the skin called melanin is produced.

Still, you will be questioning whether you should apply sunscreen lotion or not. Yes. You have to apply sunscreen while going outside for tanning. Apply sunscreen to your whole body, and it is a myth that applying it on the face alone will protect you from cancer.

Guidelines for tanning

To avoid sunburns and damages to your body, you have to follow the tips below:

  1. To get benefits from tanning and feel safer, don’t stay outside for a long period.
  2. Try to drink more water or health drinks.
  3. Always wear good-quality SPF products on your skin, face, lips, neck, and all parts of your body.
  4. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV radiation.
  5. Avoid falling asleep in the sun for long hours


Follow the above guidelines and utilize the best time for tanning carefully. Due to tanning, vitamin D, an important mineral for the body is produced in the body. If you are not aware of tanning, it will increase the potential for skin cancer.