Teeth Cleaning Techniques to Help Improve Your Self-Confidence

Teeth Cleaning Techniques to Help Improve Your Self-Confidence

Teeth Cleaning Techniques to Help Improve Your Self-Confidence

Apart from helping you eat, your teeth help lighten up moments with those close to you when you smile. However, finding the best dental care is often an issue. You can solve a problem when you find cosmetic & family dentistry in Novi, MI, experts who can offer dental services with a difference.

Ways to Improve Your Smile

Aging is one thing you cannot avoid, and there are many other reasons why your teeth can lose their aesthetics. Eating and drinking are other activities that can lead to a collection of stains on your teeth, all these issues can happen even if you diligently floss or brush your teeth. Novi Family Dentistry can help deal with two types of stains, those inside your teeth and those outside, giving you a reason to smile more. Issues that put your pristine smile at risk include:

  •         Aging, due to wear
  •         Genetics
  •         Fluorosis
  •         Pigmented foods and drinks
  •         Certain diseases and drugs used to treat the diseases
  •         Dental trauma
  •         Tobacco usage
  •         Plaque buildup

Am I a Good Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

When you have stained teeth to the point that it affects your self-esteem, the first instinct is to look for teeth whitening services. Unfortunately, not everyone can make use of some services for whitening teeth. Novi Family Dentistry offers thorough examinations to help determine if you are a good fit for the services. The first limit to teeth whitening is age. Those below the age of 16 cannot have the procedure. Additionally, if you have a history of hyperpigmentation or sensitivity, you can also do without the whitening services.

It is also advisable for those with dental issues such as decay or gum problems to receive treatment before putting a teeth cleaning procedure as part of their goals. You can benefit from other procedures offered by Novi Family Dentistry if you have extreme teeth problems that put you in the category of those who cannot have teeth whitening. Such alternatives include veneers, which offer you the same whiteness and that killer smile.

Procedures to Help Improve Oral Aesthetics

There are many teeth whitening procedures, and your dentist will make a thorough oral examination to determine the most suitable for you. Your profile can also help decide the best method for you, as you can have the take-home procedure or the in-office type.

  •         In-office teeth whitening procedure

This method helps those who want a quick procedure for an upcoming event. Your dentist uses a whitening agent to achieve a white pigmentation that you can use as a confidence boost in any of your events. The procedure begins with a gel going on top of your teeth, then a special light that activates the chemical’s bleaching properties.

  •         Take-Home whitening procedure

This is a privacy-centered treatment that takes more time than the in-office type. You will receive custom-fit trays that will improve your looks over time while at home.

Smile more with a teeth whitening procedure from Novi Family Dentistry and appreciate your improved confidence. Begin your journey to a brighter smile by calling or booking your appointment online.

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