As we become older, our bodies can develop a variety of aches and symptoms that we didn’t have before. Our joints may not work as well as they once did. We may even get more prone to muscular tiredness as we age. A massage chair can be extremely beneficial in addressing some of these issues as well as help alleviate pain associated with old age. Click here to get a massage chair that fits your home at OGAWA. Some benefits of massaging chairs for the elderly are as follows. 

Enhanced circulation

Blood pressure and poor circulation can affect elderly individuals in a variety of ways. Periodic massage can help restore blood flow, which lowers blood pressure in the lower limbs and allows an elderly person to walk more easily and use their arms without complexity.

Pain management

When it comes to pain treatment, massaging can be pretty helpful. It is not simply your imagination that makes you feel relaxed after a massage. The tight and stiff muscles in your body also relax and calm down. If you are an elderly who is experiencing physical suffering as a result of the aging process, massaging chairs can help alleviate some of your pain.

Counteracts inactive lifestyle

Some elderly people keep active well into their old age but some are no longer able to keep active as they once did. Due to stiffness and tightening of muscles, elderly adults are unable to exercise or move around as much as they once did. Massage can help to relax these muscles and relieve any tension induced by lack of activity. 

Treats sleep disorders

Many variables have been identified as contributing to sleep disturbances among the elderly, ranging from the birth of modern ways of life to the coexistence of chronic conditions. Poor sleep can impair the immune system’s function and impede metabolic activity. Massage chair relieves muscle tension and pain, allowing you to relax and sleep better and longer.

Lowers stress

Massage chairs can also lower the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) that causes mayhem in your nervous system, causing your body to be on high alert all of the time and making you feel worried. As a result, circadian rhythms are also messed up. Massage therapy can help the elderly sleep better and longer by lowering cortisol levels. 

Eliminates arthritic symptoms

On a daily basis, many older people battle with joint pain and rheumatoid symptoms. They can’t grip items as well as they used to, and dressing or showering can be challenging as they become older. Massage can assist enhance blood circulation to the joints and make arthritis-affected areas more active and less uncomfortable.

Enhances mood

Massage chairs are extremely good at lowering cortisol levels and at the same time, they increase serotonin levels (the happy hormone) that regulate mood and make you feel good. A few minutes of moderate yet efficient geriatric massage for the elderly addresses more than simply physical issues. It could potentially be a helpful treatment for a variety of mental health issues as well.