Everyone dreams of a perfect body and those who are already in shape want to retain it. For all those people health drugs are helping in resolving their weight loss issues easily. Health drugs or diet pills are the medicinal drugs taken orally which help you to cut that extra fat and burn the calories to reduce the extra kilos. These pills advertised with different names such as fat burner, appetite suppressants, weight loss pills; diet pills are available in the present market profusely. Diet pill like Garcinian Cambogia contains acido idrossicitrico that helps to curb hunger and accelerate weight loss.


Popping a pill helps you to shred that extra kilos seems to be very simple, but who are advised to take these pills? For many people healthy diet and increased exercise with behavioral therapies helps in losing weight but for some people it doesn’t work. For those people diet pills are a great solution. Apart from them fitness freaks, athletes ,body builders and fitness experts are also on these pills. Doctor prescribes these drugs for you  keeping in mind  all the aspects  such as BMI, any other health issues,, age, sex  and your lifestyle. People  who have BMI greater than 30 or having higher blood pressure and high blood glucose level  with a BMI greater than 27  or unable to lose weight even after following  a strict and healthy diet with proper exercise over a period of time, or  have obesity related health problems are being prescribed these pills.


Weight loss pills work in different ways. They work on your neurological and endocrine system. They trick your brain to suppress your hunger. They stimulate the glands to release some hormones which block your hunger pangs and also increase cell metabolism thus help to cut the fat. These pills also prevent the absorption of nutrients such as fat there by helping in losing calories. Sometimes certain medicines such as antidepressant s, diabetic, antiseizures, and bronchodilators are also prescribed to aid weight loss.

For short term use certain drugs prescribed such as BONTRIL, TENUATE, DIDREX, ADIPEX-P, FASTIN help to work. For long term use, ORLISTAL, BELVIA, QSYMIA, CONTRAVE, SAXENDA type of drugs are some of them. All these drugs work on the adipose tissue (fat tissue) and burn them as such to derive the required result. Well diet pills are of a variety of range .Natural or herbal supplements work as:

Garcinia cambogia: it is extract form a fruit it contains acido idrossicitrico hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps to increase levels of serotonin to reduce cravings and inhibit the fat producing enzyme. is a sympathomimetic amine drug which acts like natural adrenaline and noradrenaline found in our body of helps in increasing cell metabolism there by cutting fat. helps both men and women to maintain that lean muscle. Hydroxycitric acid from plant extracts and caffeine helps in weight loss.  It is the most popular metabolism booster that helps in weight loss. It boost s metabolism by 3-11% and increase fat burning up to 29%.