Dental implants are by far considered the most reliable and aesthetically viable solution for replacing the missing teeth. However, like with any dental procedure, there is a certain amount of risk associated with dental implant surgery too. Read on to find out what factors lead to the success of dental implants treatment in Sydney.

  • Choice of dentist in Sydney

When you choose an expert dentist, who has dealt with multiple cases of dental implants successfully, then the chance of dental implant success is high. The dentist ensures that patient undergoes thorough examination to ensure that he is a right candidate for dental implants. Also, failure of dental implants due to improper placement of the implant will never happen when you choose the right dental clinic.

  • Proper dental hygiene

During the dental implant procedure, a titanium post in placed into the jaw bone of the patient. The post is then allowed fuse into the bone and this process is called osseointegration. The time taken for fusing of the post with the bone is generally a few months. During this healing process, the patient must practice proper dental hygiene. Ignoring oral hygiene during and post the teeth implants treatment in Sydney will lead to infections, pain and ultimately failure of the implants.

  • Lifestyle habits of the patient

Post the placement of dental implants in Sydney, the patient must refrain from undesirable lifestyle habits like smoking. Smoking interferes with the healing process and deprives the implant site of oxygen supply. This ultimately affects the success of the treatment and in some extreme cases, the patient suffered from pain and severe infection too.

  • Quality of dental implants treatment

Your dentist may be an expert with dental implants and your jaw bone may just be perfectly enough to support dental implants without any hassles, but if your dental implants were not sterile, then your treatment will not be a success. The non-sterilised titanium post would be contaminated with bacteria and when placed into the mouth, the infection sets in and causes dental implant failure.

  • Dental implants failure due to bruxism

Patients suffering from bruxism (involuntary clenching and grinding of the teeth) experience constant grinding movement and this can interfere with the healing process of the tooth implant in Sydney. If the dental implants set into the patient’s mouth successfully, despite the condition then the implants go through increased wear and tear and the life of the dental implants is reduced.

  • Other health conditions

The success of the dental implant treatment is questionable in patients suffering from other health conditions like diabetes (affects the healing process), osteoporosis (bone deterioration leads to lack of support for the implants) or a weak immunity system.

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