Excess weight is one of the premier issues in the western world. It’s also one of the diseases of affluence – as people that are relatively rich have no need whatsoever to do some physical work. Instead, they have all the processed, unhealthy foods at their disposal, all the time. And this mix is terrible when it comes to the level of weight that a person has – namely, people tend to get fatter and fatter.

And being fat is not just visually unappealing, it’s also very bad for your health – especially when it comes to the health of your heart and your entire cardiovascular system. Excess weight makes the heart work a lot harder than it normally works so that it can keep up and pump blood all over the body. In short – the smartest decision to make if you’re overweight in regard to your health is to lose weight.

People tend to be lazy most of the time, and so they make up non-existent excuses about why they can’t go and do the hard work of losing weight. They say that they don’t have enough time, or that they are too old to work out, or that they’re too young to work out – and everything else in-between really. But the fact of the matter is that every single person in the world could allow themselves to spend at least 20 minutes a day for working out.

There are many different methods in which you can work out – and our personal favorite is through the practice of the martial art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is excellent for weight loss because of the fact that your body will have to work very hard in training. This will help you expend hundreds of calories, and after a certain time period, you will see that you have indeed managed to slim down and lose excess weight.

Of course, excuses may have already begun to spring to your mind. What if you get hurt? What if you don’t have the time? Give it your best to ignore these excuses to the level that they are unreal. Of course, you may end up getting hurt in Muay Thai training, but then again, you could end up getting hurt from getting up from the bed as well.

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