Unable to Conceive? Ovulation Induction Can Help Achieve Your Dream of Becoming a Parent

Unable to Conceive? Ovulation Induction Can Help Achieve Your Dream of Becoming a Parent

Unable to Conceive? Ovulation Induction Can Help Achieve Your Dream of Becoming a Parent

Pregnancy sometimes sounds like a simple issue of sperm fusing with an egg. However, if you have an ovulation problem, pregnancy will be an almost impossible task. When you do not ovulate, you do not have any chances of getting pregnant. When you ovulate infrequently, you have minimal chances of getting pregnant. Since your fertility declines as you age, your overall productivity will depend on your chances of getting pregnant. Your Newport Beach ovulation induction expert, Dr. Meng, offers comprehensive treatment to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy. When you cannot conceive naturally because of ovulation, an induction will help you achieve your pregnancy dreams.

What does your gynecologist mean by ovulation induction?

Regular ovulation happens when your ovary releases a mature egg ready for fertilization. For those with a regular menstrual cycle, this will happen every 28 days. However, when it takes longer or if your cycle is unpredictable, it could minimize your chances of getting pregnant. Your gynecologist will consider your ovulation irregular if your cycle is every 35 days or more and if your cycle is unpredictable.   

Ovulation induction is the process by which your doctor will use medications to stimulate you to ovulate if you have an irregular or no ovulation. Your doctor’s goal will be to increase your conception chances through sexual intercourse or different fertility treatment methods during the treatment. However, if your ovulation failure is another fertility condition’s symptom, your doctor could treat the underlying condition to restore your ovulation.

What signs will make you know you have an ovulation problem?

It is possible to have a period without actually ovulating. Unfortunately, it is impossible to diagnose ovulation issues based strictly on symptoms. Knowing the warning signs could encourage you to seek help. The signs you are likely to have include:

  •         Menstrual cycle change
  •         Very light periods
  •         No or irregular periods

Who is likely to benefit from ovulation induction?

Though your gynecologist will recommend the treatment when you have irregular or no ovulation, the specialist will also use the remedy if you have an ovulation-interrupting disorder. The treatment will also be an option if you are considering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

What should you expect during an ovulation induction process?

The process has various steps that your doctor will take you through. They include:

  •         Baseline ultrasound. Your gynecologist will do an ultrasound approximately three days after starting your period to evaluate your fallopian tubes and uterus.
  •         Medication. Your doctor could also suggest you start taking prescription medication on day three of your menstrual cycle. On your 10th or 11th date of your cycle, the professional will perform another transvaginal ultrasound to assess your follicle. If your prescription form is an injection, your doctor will give you the first dosage on the third day of your menstrual cycle, then daily for the next 6-10 days.
  •         HCG administration. Once your most significant follicle measures 16-18mm across, your doctor will inject you with hormone HCG to push your egg to finish maturing and to release it from your follicle. Once your doctor has administered the shot, you will likely start to ovulate in 36 hours.
  •         Insemination. You and your spouse can then engage in sexual intercourse to trigger insemination or choose intrauterine insemination. 

Most women with fertility issues have problems with their ovulation. If you have trouble conceiving and suspecting that your ovulation could be the cause, contact the fertility experts today and learn more on ovulation induction and how the treatment can help you conceive.  

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