Generally, the shoulder joint is one of the most active joints in the body. It enables you to perform most activities, including writing, cleaning, sewing, and cooking, among many others. As a result, the joint is also prone to many injuries that might cause pain. Any trauma, disease, or overuse of the shoulder joint can lead to shoulder pain, making it quite challenging to lift something using your hand. Hence, you are encouraged to consult your physician for early diagnosis and treatment when you begin experiencing any discomfort or pain in your shoulder joint that has lasted for days or weeks despite using some home remedies. Therefore, if you are experiencing shoulder pain and seek relief, orthopaedic shoulder surgeon Leawood has you covered.. Hence, if you are interested in learning more about shoulder pain, read on.

What causes shoulder pain?

Sudden or acute shoulder pain is primarily due to trauma. However, auto accidents, sports injuries, and falls are common causes of shoulder pain. Typically, the shoulder joint comprises a socket on the shoulder blade and a ball-shaped bone at the top of the upper, making the shoulder a ball and socket joint just like your hip joint. And in serious cases, the joint can dislocate, causing the ball to slide out of the socket, causing the labrum, cartilage that holds the ball in the socket, to tear. The rotator cuff muscles and tendons might also be injured.

shoulder pain

Similarly, any break or crack of either of the bones forming the shoulder joint can result in sudden or severe shoulder pain. Of importance to notice is that shoulder pain secondary to overuse often develops slowly, whereby repeated movements of your shoulder lead to soft tissue tear, which worsens with time. And at the end, you develop conditions like tendonitis; the tendon inflammation found at the shoulder joint. Other conditions like shoulder joint arthritis often cause chronic pain. The common type of arthritis affecting the shoulder is osteoarthritis.

How can you treat shoulder pain?

Usually, severe injuries such as dislocations and fractures require urgent treatment, which might be surgery. However, most health care providers prefer treating most causes of your shoulder pain using less invasive treatment methods. They also create a customized treatment plan for you to cater to all your needs. Examples of the treatment options available for shoulder pain include pain medication, physical therapy, wearing a brace or sling, steroid injections, change of activities or rest, muscle relaxants, stem cell injections, or nerve blocks. Other treatment options available include platelet-rich plasma and hyaluronic acid injections. All the above treatments are effective in alleviating pain. But if you have a condition like arthritis that does not have a cure, the treatment given provides symptomatic relief.

But if you are experiencing severe pain and an inability to function appropriately, surgery is the best solution to your problem. Therefore, if you are experiencing shoulder pain and seek diagnosis and treatment, you can start by scheduling your appointment online at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance today.