A joint is an essential part of your body that assists in motion. Your spine has facet joints that also enable movement of the neck and back. Aging, injury, or an infection to the discs can harm the facets leading to facet joint syndrome, leading to neck and back pain. If you experience any pain or discomfort in your back, it is high time that you see your doctor for treatment. Your Eugene facet joint syndrome specialists at Pacific Sports and Spine provide advanced treatment services to alleviate pain.

How do I know my back pain is due to facet joint syndrome?

Everyone gets back pain at some points in their lives; perhaps you may feel pain after lifting a heavy object, while playing, because of poor posture, or standing for too long. How do you know that back pain is a facet joint syndrome? If you had no pain, but you suddenly feel occasional back pains, these are the signs that it might be the facet joint syndrome:

  • Pain that occurs suddenly and irregularly
  • Pain that worsens when you sit for too long
  • When the skin area becomes sore or tender after pressing it
  • Burning sensation across the shoulders
  • You do not feel pain when you bend forward but feel it when you bend backward.
  • Pain in the lower back

You should note that any pain that occurs suddenly without cause should be a reason to consult your doctor.

What are the symptoms of facet joint syndrome?

The symptoms of this condition vary depending on the affected area of the spine. Generally, you are likely to experience the following as signs of facet joint syndrome:

  • Turning your whole body when you want to look left or right
  • Pain and stiffness that prevents you from standing straight
  • Walking hunched over
  • Lack of movement
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Numbness

How does the doctor diagnose facet joint syndrome?

Consulting your doctor who specializes in spinal issues will help you get the appropriate diagnosis. When you visit your doctor for diagnosis, they will discuss any medical conditions and medications you are currently taking. The specialists will also carry out physical examinations such as bending, sitting, and stretching to establish your condition. Neurological tests may be done to check your nervous system. An injection, such as the image-guided medial branch blocks and others, are done to establish facet joint syndrome. Such an injection sends an anti-inflammatory medication to the painful part. If the pain is alleviated immediately and movement restored, it indicates that the doctor has identified the pain location and can now go on with providing necessary medications.

How is facet joint syndrome treated?

There are various treatment options for this condition. The common one is a nonsurgical treatment, and it usually alleviates the pain originating from the facet joint. For severe conditions that cannot respond to nonsurgical treatment, a surgical procedure may be recommended. This condition can cause pain in your back and neck, which is why it is vital to go for early consultation so that your doctor can carry out a diagnosis and offer the appropriate treatment.

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