For now, when it comes to pet, we all know about the service animals and the pet that we are growing for security of the place say dogs. Some will grow pets on their own interest. But how many of us know that pets can be used for the treatments of the people who are affected with the emotional instabilities such as depression, frustration, etc.  But yes it is. Those kinds of animals are called as the emotional support animals. There are lots of interesting facts that are available based on the emotional support animals. Let us focus on it briefly here.

Emotional support animal:

Emotional support animal is abbreviated as ESA. Any pet animals can be treated as the emotional support animal. They are totally different from the servicing animal. For service animals we will give training to perform certain tasks. They will assist us in various tasks. But in case of emotional support animal, no training will be provided. They are just meant for emotional supports for people.

Unlike other animals, they are allowed to take to the public places. But the thing is you should have the certificate for your emotional support animal. With the aid of certificate you can take anywhere and even you can get special permissions to take your pet in the flight.  The certificate should be received from the reliable and the recognised psychiatrist. Ensure that the psychiatrist is the registered one under any of the legitimate governing body. Only then the certificate will be acceptable.


In addition to these, when you are taking the animal with you out, carrying emotional support animal letter is mandatory. Hence you should not forget this thing ever. You can choose any animal as your emotional support.  Most of people prefer dog as their emotional support and this is because of the bond with the dog and the human.

These kinds of animals are totally meant to ease the pain in the feelings of people. Hence they are mainly deal with the patients with mental disabilities. There is one more important thing that is needed to be noticed here. The patient should be in the condition to realize that they are accompanied by a pet animal and he or she should not harm it. Some people will be out of control when they encounter trouble in dealing their emotions.

If you think or feel that you need an emotional support animal and you are not sure about it then you can take online test for rough analysation. If the result from those tests positive then you can visit the doctor and proceed the next process. In addition to these, the test will make you self assessments and you can able to have knowledge about your psychological condition. But you should not thoroughly trust the results of the test. Always the results given by the doctors are the best one to trust by you. So never ignore the suggestions and the medications that are given by your physician and the psychiatrist.