Making water healthier for drinking is the main purpose of Alkawave water ionizer. There are various ways in which a body gets infected. These things can be easily avoided by drinking pure and alkalized water. More than half of the body is made of water and water is the only thing which refreshes mind and body. How much of thirst a person is having. There is no other drink, other than water which could make a person feel more relaxed. In most of the houses, there is tap water present and drinking directly from a tap is what most of us do. Even a bottle in a fridge is filled directly from the tap. Water can be seen from naked eyes that they are clean but there are tiny particulars of living bacteria that goes directly inside the body. When these bacteria contact with the body organs they create a layer around them. Immunity system also becomes weak and then we know what happen after that.


Working Mechanism

Water becomes pure by the process of electrolysis. Here the current passes in electrolysis chamber through electrodes. Plates that are used are made from titanium and come with a platinum coating. When the process starts some plates carry positive charges and whiles other is having a negative charge. These charges attract molecules present in water and cleaning it. Water contains both alkaline and acidic molecules. The Alkawave has two outlets from where water comes out from the main dispenser. It is also a possibility that thrown out water from the drain hose. It is a complete package which any house should be having. Ph levels can also be adjusted for those who need it extra in their water. Minerals and nutrition’s is needed which a body requires the most. Alkawave promises that all the essential nutrients go inside the body and no harmful chemicals.

Attractive features

It is fully automatic which controls flow and quality of water. With an easy press of a button flow of water can be controlled manually. This helps when there is a need to fill a bottle or a bigger container. Voice features announce when a filter has to be replaced. This helps the owner of this water ionizer to always keep a check for a filter and when to change it. The design of the product is elegant and clean. Just from one look, it has the power to attract many people. People do always find that these products should suit their walls and Alkawave understands it very well. The display screen present is visible enough to distinguish between alkaline and acidic water. Color variance is also present which makes it more comfortable to be used. The most effective feature is that this product is having a lifetime guarantee which is more than enough for any customer. You don’t have to run through stores to get at as it can be easily being purchased online. Just make a call and choose which Alkawave and place your order.