As we all know that hair loss is a major problem now a day’s. Start from the teenage to elderly aged people, most of us are facing this problem. Of course, there are many treatments available to overcome hair loss problems. Due to excessive pollution factors, hectic busy life results, irregular time eating, etc. results in hair damage problems severely. So to overcome these hair losses, thickening of hair is needed initially. It is possible with branded hair fibres only.

Generally, hair loss is observed while combing your hair, it is also seen in while washing your hair and can be seen in your towels. From reports, hair loss per day has happened around the count of 100 hair follicles daily. If the count is increased like anything, you might need treatment. People usually go with natural home remedies and if it doesn’t work out then hair loss or hair thickening treatments like hair fibres is the best choice. This treatment helps you to cover your baldness and probably enhance the thickness of your hair scalp as well.

Let’s know about when to apply the hair thickening fibres to your affected hair scalp bald area:


  • It is best to apply the thickening fibres when you feel that your hair left too much dry and it is best recommendable to use to the thinning area of your scalp.
  • Apply the product by blending the product in more several shades and gently apply it with your fingers depending upon the intensity of the affected thinning area of your scalp. Never forget the color of the thickening fibre product you use must evenly match your natural hair follicle perfectly to thicken your hair. Otherwise, it looks odd if the color doesn’t match your scalp hair follicle.
  • Thereafter use the holding spray and spray it on your fibres you applied on the scalp to maintain consistency and also need to make the fibres water-resistant perfectly. So, before going to know about the basic procedure of applying any thickening fibres, you are advised to read the product information and directions to use relevant information clearly to experience perfect hair thickening eventually.


Some pros of using these thickening fibres:

It is very easy to use and the application of these hair thickening fibres products do consume very less time. Most importantly, it impacts the baldness look which turns into normal healthy hair only.

These products are easily carried wherever you travel. It is such a portable product. Moreover, you can see different colors of hair thickening fibres like black or dark brown colors, grey colors, etc. it is highly recommended to use.



Proper usage of these hair thickening fibres is advisable to avoid any kind of side effects. It is better to apply over the backside of your ear or apply on your hand to check any sense of irritation before going to apply directly on your scalp. This is how hair thickening fibres are widely recommended everywhere to avoid thinning of your hair scalp.