Cancer treatments can be a long and comfortable and draining process for you. The disease itself can have a toll on you, while the medications might affect you. In such a situation, there are several guidelines you should consider to help them with the side effects of the treatment on your skin. You can consult the best Chevy Chase, MD skin cancer specialist on the best precautions to follow.

The benefits of having a good skin routine during cancer treatment are to minimize the side effects on your skin and to help your skin be comfortable during the treatment process. Additionally, it will enhance the quick recovery of your skin after the treatment is complete.

Below are some tips on how to go about skincare during treatment:

Use Warm Water

Gently washing your skin every day with warm water helps in removing bacteria present on your surface, which may cause infections. Avoid harsh rubbing, which easily irritates your skin.

Have a Low pH Cleanser

A cleanser with a low PH value so there’s your skin, especially during the treatment process. always make sure to ask your doctor about the best type of soap that is favorable to your skin.

Keep Moisturizer Close

A moisturizer fastens your skin’s recovery process. However, it would be best if you never attempted to apply it to an open wound.

Wound Care

Kindly always and sure to follow your doctor’s advice to the latter as you care for wounds after treatment. You might develop redness or even source, which will heal faster with the proper after-care treatment.

Avoid Talcum Powder

Talcum powder present in skincare products can harm you a great deal because they increase the level of radiation during radiotherapy.

Avoid Fragrance and Sticky Products

Fragrance containing products will irritate your skin, which is a bad thing during cancer treatments. Never assume that unscented skincare products are fragrance-free.

Avoid Clothes That Are Too Tight

Irritation of your skin during and after treatment can harm you. Therefore, avoid clothes that are too tight, rubbing the skin in the process.

Wear Sun Protective Clothing

The trick in getting a high-quality sun protective clothing is to hold it against light and ensure it cannot see through. These clothes protect you from harmful UV rays. Additionally, you can also wear a hat to cover your face and neck.

Use Sunscreen

Before you incorporate the use of a particular sunscreen and sure you consult your doctor. You can also try to be under shade whenever you are outdoors.

Avoid Too Hot or Cold Items On Skin

Even as you go about doing house chores, you can wear hand gloves. Keep away from hot or cold water, including the bathtub. Using an ice pack to alleviate swelling is also not a good idea.

To ensure that you have a proper skincare routine, always consult your doctor. Do not shy away from asking questions about skincare products. Remember to see the doctor’s advice to avoid causing skin irritations, which might interfere with your cancer treatment.