There are many tests that a person undertakes regarding his/her health. But there is a difference in their types which can vary on the basis of time. Some tests are done when there is an evident proof of the disease and some are done to detect symptoms of a disease. People having been aware of their healthcare these days have a tendency to undertake tests even if the smallest of the symptoms have shown in the body. With this increase in awareness, people have increased the use of these tests.

One such test is the whole body checkup which is used as the prevention for diseases. The countries like India, where health tourism is very prominent, have a lot of visitors for treatment of many diseases. The annual checkup which is conducted generally once in a year is the master health checkup. There is a concept in people’s minds that these tests often are unnecessary and should not be done but for detecting symptoms of many diseases on the earliest stages these are important if done properly.

The good

The most important benefit of the master health checkup is the early detection of diseases and its symptoms which act as warning signals and cannot be identified through any other test. These are detected even before they show any effect on the body and sometimes may even fail to be an impact on the person on whom the test has been undertaken. There is a very nominal cost of doing this test and also helps in improving the lifestyle of the person. This is because, a person with no serious tension of his future will always have a better standard of living and will always outperform the person who is not sure of his future. Not only detecting symptoms and signals of a disease, this test will help you to get updates about different levels in your body like the cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and the ideal weight of the body. This results in regulation of the overall health of the body and any risk regarding one’s body is detected and appropriate action is taken to avoid it. The contents of this test ensure the health safety of an individual full. This may not seem to be the best option to incur money but it is one of the best ways to keep one’s health at its best at every point of life.

The bad

Despite of its many benefits, this kind of health check up has some limitations. Besides the fact that it detects the early signs of any disease, it comprises of many tests, some of which are considered as unnecessary and there is no benefit of spending money on them. It is important to undertake these tests from a reputed hospital or there is a chance of unnecessary exposure to radiations which are harmful for the patients. There are many other tests which do not give any benefit to the patient and in the process of these tests one may be at a risk of catching another disease.