It is a typical scenario for children to be afraid of dentists. This fear can be because it’s their first time to visit the dentist or they got upset by their previous visits. Either way, it can be a dreadful experience for parents to deal with it. Fortunately, there are ways on how we can help our kids overcome their fear.

  1. Visit Early

Set appointments with the dentist as early as possible. This way, your kids can get used to the visits before they can even start creating fears. You can start dental visits as early as the age of one or as soon as the first tooth has shown up.

  1. Opt for a Family Dentist

Dentists vary in their techniques and expertise. If your current dentist has been serving adults most of the time, then he or she may not be the right fit for your child. Opt for professionals who can help your kids overcome their fears like the Children’s Dentist Fishers. Family dentists can calm the fears of your children and make every visit fun and relaxing. They also provide dental programs that make visits more exciting for the kids.

  1. Avoid Using Scary Language

When talking with your children about the plans to visit the dentist, avoid using the words that may trigger their fears. Words like ‘shot’, ‘pain’, or ‘hurt’ may have negative effects on their mindset. Rather, use harmless language that promotes positive emotions of fun and excitement. Be creative in communicating with them. You can make use of magical characters like tooth fairies when talking about dental visits.

You can also play with them and pretend to be a dentist at home. This is an effective way of helping them visualize the things that might happen during their visit to the dentist, and they will be more prepared when the appointment comes.

  1. Answer Their Questions

Children are curious by nature. Therefore, once you have started the talk about dentists, there will be loads of follow-up questions for you. It is essential that you answer these questions honestly while avoiding negative and scary statements. This way, they will be educated, and it will be easier for them to overcome any fear they have.

  1. Stay with your Children during Visits

Anxiety may still arise as soon as your child is seated in the dental chair. No matter how prepared you were days or weeks before the appointment, it is natural for them to feel fear inside the clinic. Staying with them throughout the procedure will alleviate their stress and fear, thus avoiding any negative experience.

Final Thoughts

The dentist and the parent play very important roles in helping kids achieve maximum oral health. In this case, oral protection shouldn’t just begin and end during dental visits. Encourage your kids to develop good dental habits at home and make every bit of it more enjoyable for them. It can also be one way to instill in their minds that dentists are harmless and can be considered as friends.