Without vision, you cannot see your goals. Do you suffer from frequent headaches? If yes, this is enough reason to seek a specialist in ophthalmology in Jacksonville, FL for an exam. Frequent headaches can be indicative of uncorrected vision problems. The best way to rule out any chance is by going for regular eye exams. At Wolchok Eye Associates, we believe that prevention is superior to cure to help you have undisturbed eyesight no matter your age or profession.

Effects of Eye Strain

Due to advances in technology, you may be spending most of your time in front of a computer or glaring over your smartphone. These devices make life convenient but are a leading cause of eye strain, characterized by blurred vision, aching eyes, feeling tired, and frequent headaches. Your eyes can also suffer from strain even if you are not tech-savvy.

Problems with uncorrected visual acuity including hypoxia, astigmatism, and presbyopia can bring a lot of strain on your eyes. Astigmatism causes your eye to have an abnormal shape and bend light in unfamiliar ways, causing squinting and headaches.

If you suffer from hyperopia or farsightedness, images become focused behind the retina, making them appear blurred. You will have a challenge reading smaller prints. Presbyopia is another common eye problem that can affect you even if you have not been using eyeglasses. This problem is caused by aging, which makes your eyes’ lenses harden and become less flexible, making it hard to focus on objects which are near.

These Problems are not Unique to Adults

Your child can also suffer from frequent headaches due to undiagnosed vision problems. They may be able to perfectly read small letters on an E chart, which makes detecting the problem a challenge. The best way to detect this is through a comprehensive eye exam at your doctor’s office. After your doctor has established the cause of headaches, he will plan on the best treatment plan.

An Updated Prescription Can Make a Huge Difference

Most often, changes in vision tend to be gradual and you may fail to notice that your glasses are offering little help compared to the past. If your headaches are due to eye problems, your doctor will issue you with updated glasses or contact lenses to help clear the problem.

Headaches and Sight-Threatening Conditions

However, you may need more than a change of pair of glasses in some instances where you experience a headache. Glaucoma is an eye disorder that causes pressure on the eye’s optic nerves and can cause permanent vision loss. You can also have headaches if you have cataracts. This condition causes clouding in the lens of an eye.

Keep Up with Your Eye Exams

Your eyes and brains have an agile coping mechanism, making it hard for you to notice an eye problem in good time. Do not wait until it is too late to salvage your vision. If you are experiencing frequent unexplained headaches, it is time to schedule a consultation with your ophthalmologist to help strike eye problems off the list of possible culprits.