Foot Care Tips for Athletes

Foot Care Tips for Athletes

Foot Care Tips for Athletes

You should find a Board-certified foot surgeon in New York NY who knows the importance of having strong and healthy feet and how it affects your performance as an athlete. Taking care of your feet as an athlete is paramount as it plays an essential role in balance, support, propulsion, and other key moves for an athlete.  Without taking proper care of your feet, you could suffer from injuries, which result from repetitive motion, overuse of the joints, and recurring stress on the bones in the feet.

Feet Issues More Likely To Affect Athletes

  •       Inflammation of the tendons
  •       Blisters
  •       Calluses
  •       Corns
  •       Fungal infections
  •       Bursitis
  •       Stress fractures

Blisters, Corns, and Callus Prevention

Athletes should take care of their feet to prevent injuries and sores on the feet that could develop due to wearing shoes that do not fit properly or those which constantly rub against the skin. Some of the precautions you could take against corns, blisters, and calluses include:

  •       keep the feet clean and dry at all times
  •       use lotion to soften the skin and prevent cracking on the feet
  •       wear comfortable shoes that fit properly

Prevention of Tendon, Ligaments, and Bone Injury

Tendons and ligaments could be hurt when you make an awkward movement that causes strain on the tendons. Bone injuries, on the other hand, could occur due to accidents and trauma which an athlete could face in the field.  Some of these measures could help prevent damage to the bones, tendons, and ligaments on the feet:

  •       Avoiding activities and awkward movements that could cause pain
  •       When exercising it is prudent to start with simple exercises and gradually increase the intensity to avoid damage to the ligaments and tendons
  •       loosen tendons and ligaments by stretching before and after any workouts
  •       relax your exercise routine if you get an injury to the bones
  •       use insoles, arch supports, and heel pads that cushion the feet against trauma during field activities

Fungal Infection Prevention

You could face fungal infections as you are more likely to have sweaty feet due to intense workouts in the field. The damp feet could be a breeding ground for fungus to grow, leading to infections. Here are some fungal infection prevention tips

  •       change your socks throughout the day to reduce sweat and dampness that could predispose your feet to fungal infections
  •       dry your feet well after showering and ensure that the region between the toes is entirely dried
  •       wear shower shoes in public showers to avoid picking up fungus from the public places
  •       wear socks that are made of breathable fabric that allow your feet to stay dry, keeping fungal infections away

The Bottom Line

If you have a foot injury and other complications that arise from field activities, it is prudent to see a medical professional who would help with proper diagnosis and treatment. It would help if you took personal care of your feet by wearing insoles and heel pads that prevent trauma to the feet It is also important to wear comfortable shoes and breathable socks that keep the feet aerated and comfortable.

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