Diabetes, if not managed, can leave one vulnerable to multiple health concerns. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you need expert intervention to make your condition better. If you seek Humble, TX critical care medicine, turn to Juan Carlos Zubieta, MD, MPH at Houston Diabetes Institute for top-notch care.

About Practice

Every case of diabetes demands a customized treatment plan. Your experts at North Houston Diabetes Institute in Humble, Texas, apply innovative technology to customize each patient’s treatment. Diabetes, endocrinology, and thyroid specialists Juan Carlos Zubieta, MD, MPH, and his team ensure that no visit feels incomplete or rushed by spending quality time with every patient. In doing so, they better customize everyone’s care.

Your North Houston Diabetes Institute providers deliver comprehensive education to each new patient with diabetes or similar metabolic disorders such as thyroid diseases. Patients get assessed with simple questions and tests on a digital screen.

You will receive a digital report card that details various measurements concerning your health in a matter of minutes. The information includes your blood pressure, cardiovascular risks, and hypoglycemia levels.

You can also find custom weight loss plans with a healthy, needs-based approach at the practice. Every weight loss plan encompasses health education, support, nutrition, and a lifestyle guide.

Available Services

Contact North Houston Diabetes Institute to receive various top-notch services, including:

  •       Thyroid Disorder Specialist- Above twelve percent of Americans suffer thyroid disorders at some point in their lives. If you witness symptoms like unplanned weight gain or loss, and fatigue, contact Juan Carlos Zubeita, MD, MPH, and his adept experts for professional diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders.
  •       Weight Loss Specialist- Besides improving your image, weight loss reduces your susceptibility to various health complications, including problems related to diabetes. If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight, contact North Houston Diabetes Institute for help in planning and following your custom weight loss plan. Your weight loss plan usually includes nutritional tips and diabetes examinations.
  •       Diabetes Specialist- Diabetes is a difficult condition. However, with the appropriate tools, you can stay clear of life-changing symptoms and complications. At North Houston Diabetes Institute, Juan Carlos Zubeita, MD, MPH, and his panel offer regular digital report cards to monitor your health and tailor your diabetes management plan to align with your needs. Book your schedule today to start managing diabetes successfully.
  •       Stroke- A stroke or Cerebro-Vascular Accident refers to a condition whereby one part of the brain dies because of inadequate blood supply. People with poorly managed diabetes risk developing a stroke. Contact North Houston Diabetes Institute for effective management.
  •       Blindness- When diabetes is poorly controlled, it leaves you vulnerable to blindness, all the more reason for you to seek professional management of your condition. Contact the North Houston Diabetes Institute for the help you need to make your situation manageable.
  •       Nerve Damage- Diabetes affects the nerves. It damages some nerves to the extent that they become unable to send pain signals to the brain. Your specialists at North Houston Diabetes Institute can help in managing neuropathy and improving your life.

Thyroid disorders, diabetes, and other endocrine complications can prove unmanageable without expert guidance. Schedule a Consultation with North Houston Diabetes Institute to receive the help you need. Call or book a visit online.