How do you take care of your body to improve wellness and health? Sometimes it does not hurt to show yourself some love; after all, you will always have you. After days of hard work and engaging schedules, a visit to a medical spa will do you good. Not only does it promote body relaxation it also enhances body rejuvenation and general wellness and health. You may also benefit from various aesthetic services to restore your natural beauty and improve your appearance. Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics is a top standard medical spa specializing in high-quality spa treatments to enhance wellness and health. The Beverly Hills IV therapy specialists provide various intravenous therapies to improve your health and wellbeing. Visit the practice today to refresh your body and better your life.

IV therapy has many benefits to the body and helps improve your general wellness. The highly skilled team in Beverly Hills, California offers extensive care to ensure your whole body wellness. Call or book online today to schedule your appointment.

What is IV therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy, also known as infusion therapy, offers a faster way to recharge your body with fluids, nutrients or medications, directly to your blood. Rather than taking the liquids and supplements orally, which have to go through your digestive system, IV therapy sends a quick infusion of vitamins into your body for faster results. It offers hangover relief, boosts your immune system, and treats painful conditions, among other types of dehydration.

What are the different types of IV therapies?

At Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics, the highly skilled medical spa team provides various IV therapies based on your needs. They include:

    •       Immunity drips
    •       Energy drips
    •       Hangover drips
  •       Myers’ cocktail
  •       Weight loss
  •       Vitamin infusions
  •       Migraine treatments
  •       Detox cocktails
  •       High-dose vitamin C infusions

Each IV compound contains a mixture of ingredients to support your overall wellbeing and address your concern. At Robert Wellness and Aesthetics, they offer both short-term and long-term IV therapies.

What to expect during an IV therapy treatment appointment?

The treatments usually take 30-45 minutes with immediate results after nutrients diffuse into your bloodstream. While resting, your aesthetic specialist puts an intravenous catheter into your arm vein. The vitamins and nutrients in the IV drip enter your bloodstream through the catheter.

Your IV therapy benefits may last 2-4 days after the infusion. However, the key benefits usually go beyond the visible results. The body benefits from the blend of vitamins and hydrating elements for up to three weeks.

How often should you get an IV therapy treatment?

The highly skilled and qualified IV specialist at Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics focuses on personalized goals and health needs. They work with you to ensure you benefit most from your treatment. to maximize your results. Your IV therapy specialist may recommend regular IV therapy visits between two to four times a month. The therapies help balance any present vitamin deficiencies you may have.

In cases where your condition is severe, you may benefit from nutritional support via IV therapy more often. You get medical advice on what treatment works best for you and how frequently you should receive it for maximum results.

Visit Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics to get extensive IV therapy infusions and improve your health.