Eyecare is critical in our daily lives for healthy and quality living. Our eyes are one of the most crucial parts of our bodies, for they play a significant role in helping us see. Therefore it is essential to take good care of our eyes to prevent eye health problems. IC Laser Eye Care provides quality medical and surgical eye health care to patients around the Philadelphia areas. The specialists in ophthalmology in Hamilton, Bensalem, and Philadelphia take pride in offering effective and comprehensive eye treatments.

The team at IC Laser Eye Care is passionate about their work providing patients with a warm and friendly environment. They focus on meeting the patients’ health concerns, where they take their time to explain their health conditions and treatment options available. They offer customized care where they listen to individual needs in providing treatment plans for patients of all ages. The team is highly skilled in all eye healthcare, including children, making them suitable for all your family care. They love their patients and treat them with a lot of care, making them feel like part of their family.

The IC Laser Eye Care team is highly qualified to offer the most advanced quality and effective medical treatments. Their offices are modernly equipped with the latest technology, with the newest imaging devices and the most modern and fastest laser treatments. The board-certified team specializes in all ophthalmology services, including cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, and ocular disease management. They also have specialists that provide remedies for glaucoma, dry eyes, retinal detachment, floaters, optic neuropathy, among others. In addition to their treatment, they offer eye exams for the prevention of future eye problems.

They offer services such as:


It is the most advanced procedure that uses an excimer laser for the correction of refractive errors. It’s the most successful treatment for vision correction worldwide. Receive the most comprehensive LASIK treatment at IC Laser Eye Care for the best results. Visit them in any of their locations for more information about LASIK.


It’s a medicine branch that entails eye and vision care, specializing in retinal diseases, pediatric eye care, oculoplastic surgery, and neuro-ophthalmology. IC Laser Eye Care offers extensive ophthalmology services. Call or book an appointment online today to schedule your consultation.

Implantable Collamer Lens

Implantable Collamer Lens helps correct and reduce nearsightedness and is a good alternative for LASIK treatment. The expert eye care specialists provide implantable Collamer lenses safely and reliably. Visit their offices in Bensalem, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Hamilton, New Jersey, to learn more about the Implantable Collamer Lens.

IC Laser Eye Care values and understands their patients, offering them excellent customer services. Their offices are modernly equipped which enables them to provide the most advanced eye care treatments. The ophthalmology specialists offer personalized services in glaucoma, dry eyes, cataract and eyelid surgeries, eye exams, among others. They are dedicated to providing standard eye care to help patients live a quality life. They are welcoming and caring to their patients, providing a warm, comfortable environment for their treatments. For your eye health and vision care, visit IC Laser Eye Care in Bensalem and Philadelphia, PA, and in Hamilton, New Jersey.