Millions of Americans rely on contact lenses to see correctly. In San Antonio, many have switched to contacts for comfort and overall convenience. However, certain conditions make it difficult to wear off-the-shelf contact lenses. Specialty contact lenses are custom-made to fit your specific concerns. Here are a few reasons why you may need specialty contact lenses in San Antonio.

  1. You Have Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can make wearing regular contacts impossible or very uncomfortable. If you need contacts and have dry eyes, your doctor may suggest that you get gas-permeable lenses. They promote the flow of oxygen and circulation of tears under the lenses. These lenses keep your eyes from drying out. Scleral contacts may be recommended as well because of their design. They promote liquid retention hence reducing irritation to your eyes.

  1.     You Have Keratoconus

This progressive eye disease thins your corneas and ultimately makes them bulge. Bulging will give your cornea a cone shape after some time. Regular contacts cannot accommodate this shape. Even though regular soft contact lenses may work for mild keratoconus cases, more advanced cases will require specialty contact lenses. They are more comfortable and will give you a clearer vision.

  1.     You Have Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition where the shape of your eye becomes irregular at the front surface. It is typically corrected with toric lenses. While spherical lenses rotate when you blink, toric lenses remain in position. They work because the bottom is weighted. When you blink, it can only move vertically.

Since all cases of astigmatism are unique, you may need to try out a few brands before finding the right fit. Fitting the lenses is more complicated than a standard lens. Therefore, your appointment for toric lenses will be a bit more expensive.

  1.     Your Eyes Are Unusually Small or Big

Finding the right fit for regular contact lenses may be difficult if you have exceptionally large or small eyes. Here are a few of your options:

  • Small Eye Contacts

If your eyes are so small that using regular contacts is a problem, consider using rigid gas permeable lenses. They are smaller and easier to put in.

  • Large Pupil Contacts

Custom toric lenses are ideal for people with large pupils. The lenses offer near-center correction and a more expansive peripheral zone. They make it possible for the correction to cover the whole pupil width. Regular contact lenses may be too narrow.

  1.     Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

If you get GPC, you may need specialty contact lenses. The infection causes an inflammatory reaction leading to the secretion of mucus by your lid lands. The mucus may form a thin coating on your contact lenses. You can be very uncomfortable as the contacts get sticky and move around too much. Daily soft lenses are your best option if you have this infection. Gas permeable lenses may be helpful as well.

If you have trouble using regular contact lenses, you don’t need to struggle anymore. Contact a professional, and they will help you determine the most suitable specialty contact lenses for your needs.