Most Popular Non-Cosmetic Procedures Today
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Most Popular Non-Cosmetic Procedures Today

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have gained popularity not only among celebrities but also the entire population in general. At Andrews Laser and Medical Aesthetics in Colorado Springs, CO, Dr. Ian Walker leads a team of highly experienced specialists in offering different medical cosmetic treatments. Below are the most popular non-cosmetic procedures for an elevated appeal.

Laser Hair Removal

It rates high on the list of most popular non-invasive procedures for both genders. Laser hair removal is the easiest and the surest way of getting rid of hair in unwanted areas. The lasers mainly target the hair follicles and prevent hair growth in the future. This procedure is more popular with women, but it’s becoming common among men as it helps them deal with hairy backs and shoulders.

Dermal Fillers

These are soft tissue fillers that are used in various procedures like nose jobs and non-surgical facelifts. Dermal fillers are popularly known for their use on the lips to make them plump. They are injected under the skin and work by changing the contours of your face to cause effective reshaping. Dermal fillers best serve people with the fear of complications that can be brought about by surgical procedures.

The Phi Principle

This non-surgical procedure is derived from a mathematical principle known as the Phi Principle. It involves distancing the features of an object to make it look more appealing. This procedure has been used for years to help people achieve better facial proportions.

The Phi principle procedure targets particular regions on the face that are injected with filler, which naturally lifts the face. It’s a procedure that has been practiced for years to help people look younger.

Cool Sculpting

This is among the newest popular ways of transforming the body without surgery. The procedure involves freezing body fats that have become resistant to both diet and exercise. It’s done by the application of controlled cooling on the problematic area, and the fat is eliminated without causing any damage to your skin or the surrounding tissues.


Many women prefer having semi-permanent eyebrows as a cosmetic tattoo, instead of filling them in daily. The micro-balding procedure involves the use of a fine needle to come up with natural-looking eye strokes. Due to the natural results, this procedure has become very fashionable. Furthermore, it’s cheap, doesn’t consume much time, and lasts for up to three months.

Chemical Peels

This type of non-surgical treatment removes scars and any other signs of aging on your skin. The procedure entails the gentle removal of the dead skin cells layer, resulting in a smooth, cleansed, and blemish-free skin. It’s a safe procedure and its cost and efficiency vary with the type of chemical peel done.

Keratin Hair Straightening

The procedure helps your hair appear perfect, sleek, and straight for about three months, but this depends on the type of hair being treated. It involves the application of keratin to hair and then treating it using a flat iron. The procedure can help you save more time because it leaves the hair shiny and smooth hence no need for daily treatments.

If you are afraid of complications that may arise from surgical procedures, the above non-invasive treatments are alternatives depending on the type of treatment you want. To understand more about these procedures, consult a specialist today.