You might have come across numerous fitness gurus who would swear on a Testosterone-Deca Durabolin stack like crazy! But is this mixture safe? If you resort to the internet or the online forums, then you will come across a number of users testifying that it is a ‘safe’ cycle. However, in that case, no user should continue the cycle beyond 10 weeks. Also, the right mixture of steroids should be 200mgs of Nandrolone with that of 600 mg of Testosterone Enanthate. Of course, such assumptions are not based on any clinical study. But it has been recommended by users who have benefitted from it.

The Deca-Test Cycle

The Deca-Testosterone cycle is especially loved by those who look forward to increase bone density, grow muscles, and enjoy better appetite and bulk up. It also works good to increase the production of the Read Blood Corpuscles in your body. This stack is relatively safe than many others in the row. However, those suffering from high blood pressure would rather not follow it. Otherwise, you can take the standard Test-Deca cycle dosages by slashing down the recommended period by its half! Another great thing about this cycle is, its users are less likely to develop adverse lipid profile with its usage. However, this is subjected to a number of factors, including your tolerance to the drug.

Using Deca-Test Cycle


As you have just learnt, it is sufficient to control the cycle for 10 weeks! However, in many a cases, bodybuilders recommend a 16 week cycle to get better results, while another group of Deca-Test cycle fans attest that it is ideal to continue it for 2-4 weeks at a stretch. So what is the bottom-line? The ‘ideal’ dosage exclusively depends on the person who is going to use it. And perhaps, there is hardly any logic in lingering its usage, especially if you enjoy a healthy testosterone production naturally. Receiving synthetic Testosterone externally can make your system ‘lazy’. This might prompt him to slacken down, even stop producing natural testosterones altogether. As you can see, it can lead to a number of health and lifestyle issues. At least, consider taking a dosage that permits natural testosterone production.

Side Effects of Deca-Test Cycle


Nothing in the world seems to be perfect. So how can this steroid cycle be an exception? Even sticking to the safest Test-Deca cycle dosages and strict maintenance of protocols might not totally shield you from the spinoffs. For anything else, you can experience hair loss and hair fall while following this cycle. Of course, you cannot rule out the possibility of suffering from low sperm count, as well as poor quality sperm production. Just as happens with any other stacks or steroid cycles, it can lead to occasional mood swings, irritability, burst of anger and even depression. But thankfully enough, you can manage all such symptoms with a little bit of self help. And if you have never tried any type of steroids before, then it makes sense that you go slow with the recommended dosage of this cycle. This will help you test your endurance towards it.