Aesthetics Procedures to Revive Your Glow and Give You a Youthful Look

Aesthetics Procedures to Revive Your Glow and Give You a Youthful Look

Aesthetics Procedures to Revive Your Glow and Give You a Youthful Look

Your skin is your body’s most extensive organ. It is also the most affected by natural factors such as aging and external factors like the sun’s damaging rays. However, massages and treatments can revive your skin’s glow, revealing a fresher and younger look. Gago Wellness is a medical spa in Brighton that has experienced aestheticians who help patients regain glowing skin using non-invasive procedures. These professionals specialize in various treatments including the latest laser technology to reduce acne scarring.

Other treatment areas these specialists are trained in include:

Skin Tightening

Skin laxity is inevitable and is usually associated with fat loss. Your body produces sufficient collagen and elastin in your youth that boosts your skin’s elasticity, texture, and complexion. An elastic skin stretches and snaps back in position easily. However, when it loses its luster, your skin will begin to sag.  

Though anyone can experience skin laxity, you are likely to experience the sag as you age. You are also susceptible if you have lost significant weight after weight loss. Trying to manage skin sagging can be challenging on your own. However, with professional help, your doctor can prescribe skin tightening treatment options.

Before your doctor recommends and designs a treatment plan, he will review your skin condition and discuss your aesthetic desires. The doctor will also consider the area he wants to treat and your skin type.

Chemical Peels

If you desire to improve your skin’s texture and tone by removing your rough skin layers, you should discuss your aesthetician’s chemical peel options. The procedure that complements other anti-aging solutions involves applying compounds to your skin on the treatment areas, prompting your outer layers to peel off slowly, revealing youthful skin.

There are various types of chemical peels whose strengths range from mild to intense, depending on the acids used. The most common procedures are done on the hands, neck, and face, addressing several skin concerns including wrinkles, aging spots, mild scars, and crow’s feet. Though chemical peels are effective, the procedure is not favorable to all skin types. For instance, you are likely to notice an uneven skin tone as a result of the peels.

After the treatment, your aesthetician will suggest you wear sunscreen above SPF 30 because your skin will temporarily be sensitive to the sun’s rays. He may also suggest you wear a brimmed hat and limit your exposure to the sun between 10 AM and 2 PM.


When your aesthetician recommends a photofacial treatment, he refers to using light-emitting devices to treat your skin. The procedure addresses your skin discoloration, reducing your skin blemishes’ appearance. At Gago Wellness, the skin professionals prefer the BroadBAnd Light (BBL) option to harness your ability to combat aging and give you a youthful glow.

BBL gently sends light energy deep into your skin to activate your genes into reducing the appearance of your aging spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. To satisfy your aesthetic needs, your doctor will recommend several sessions of BBL. Every individual has a different treatment plan depending on the skin’s damage and personal anti-aging goals.

Everyone desires to feel confident and glowing in fresh, youthful skin. However, aging and genetics will force your skin to look older than your chronological years. The good news is, an expert aesthetician can resolve your skin’s appearance and give you a new look. Schedule an aesthetic appointment or contact the experts for your cosmetic desires.  

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