We all desire to keep our youthful and smooth look, unfortunately, as we age facial wrinkles start to appear. Wrinkles and drooping lids cannot change without surgery, but Botox makes it possible to smooth out the wrinkles with no downtime or incisions. Mrs. Leslie Forrester in Naperville is a board-certified cosmetic and aesthetic specialist at Wrinkle Fairy, along with her team, she plans and carries out Botox injections to lift your brows, minimize wrinkles, and decrease excessive sweating. To learn more on how Botox can restore your youthful look, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What is Botox?

Botox is one of the most famous cosmetic treatments in the world for its efficiency.  It is a wrinkle-reducing injectable prescription manufactured from a highly purified Botulinum neurotoxin.  Botox is FDA approved and has been proven to treat wrinkles and frown lines by inhibiting the communication between your motor nerves and facial muscles.  After the treatment, you can immediately go back to your work, as it does not require any downtime.

How Does Botox Treatment Smooth Your Wrinkles?

Botox is a neurotoxin injectable that functions by paralyzing the underneath facial muscles, diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. Botox is injected into the target area, where it inhibits the nerve action of underlying facial muscles. The muscles remain relaxed, giving you a smooth facial look, the injection is minimally invasive and has no pain. The treatment can be used for contouring the face, jawline, nose, lips, cheeks, and the skin under the eyes. Additionally, a Botox brow lift can lift your eyebrows’ outer or inner sides to get rid of droopy eyebrows. Botox can be combined with other anti-aging treatments, including injectable fillers, chemical peels, and lasers, to best address aging.

How Can You Use Botox to Control Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, is a health condition that can be treated with Botox. If you often have your shirt become damp under your armpits, a Botox injection can help disable the sweat glands in the area for a certain period. Botox helps control excessive sweating in your armpits, forehead, palms, and soles of your feet.

How Often Can You Get Botox Injections?

Botox injection results become noticeable between three to seven days.  These results last for three to six months before they wear-off, depending on individuals. By this time, you might notice your wrinkles starting to reappear, or you start to get excessive sweating again. This means you can go back for the Botox treatment every six months to maintain your youthful, fresh look.  However, at Wrinkle Fairy, Dr. Leslie does not recommend getting Botox injections on the same area more than four times every year.

To sum up, Botox and Dysport can help you restore your youthful look and are both available at Wrinkle Fairy. Dr. Leslie is highly experienced in Botox injections ensuring they don’t appear expressionless or frozen. If you are considering receiving a Botox treatment in and around Naperville, IL, call or book an appointment online today.