According to research, migraines affect more than 38 million Americans. This condition is broadly misunderstood and extremely challenging to treat. A migraine can affect your daily life, including your ability to study or work. At Charlotte Ketamine Center, Neal Taub, MD, provides an alternative and effective treatment approach for Charlotte migraines, including an inhalable, nebulized ketamine mist. If you have migraines and traditional treatments have not been effective, call or schedule an appointment online with Charlotte Ketamine Center today.

What are migraines?

These refer to a neurological condition that causes a variety of disruptive and painful symptoms. The symptoms of migraines can last for several hours at a time. While severe headache is the major symptom of migraines, you can also experience dizziness, nausea and vomiting, light, sound and smell sensitivity, and visual disturbances such as bright spots, light flashes, and halos. After the migraine attack, you may feel confused and exhausted for about a day. You might or might not have signs of a migraine attack.

What are the causes of migraines?

Scientific research is yet to reveal the precise cause of migraines. However, research shows various factors that increase your risk of having migraines include variations in your brain chemicals. Some other factors that can trigger migraines include loud sounds, stress, dehydration, skipping meals, bright lights, medications, and certain preservatives and foods. For effective and fast migraine relief, you should take steps to avoid what triggers your migraines.  If you have signs and symptoms of migraines, plan to have an appointment with your doctor to discuss your headaches.

What are the available treatment options for migraines?

While migraines are challenging to treat, the Charlotte Ketamine Center team provides effective treatment in the form of nebulized ketamine therapy that you inhale for migraines. According to a medical study, ketamine causes a significant decrease in migraine severity. The treatment is given in their professional and comfortable offices and the staff remains with you to ensure all the side effects subside. Although nebulized ketamine has less adverse effects than ketamine infusions, you may experience fatigue or a floating sensation.  You may need the company of a family member or a friend to drive you home. More than fifty percent of patients report significant improvement after a single treatment.

How do you know if ketamine therapy will relieve your migraines?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Taub and the Charlotte Ketamine Center team performs comprehensive assessment before referring any ketamine therapy. If you have good overall health but suffer from migraines, ketamine therapy is a great treatment option. However, the therapy is not recommendable if you have high blood pressure, other cardiovascular diseases, or a history of substance abuse.

In conclusion, migraines can cause a pulsing sensation or a severe throbbing pain normally on one side of the head and might interfere with your daily activities. If you experience migraines in or around Charlotte, NC, Charlotte Ketamine Center provides effective ketamine therapy treatment to relieve your symptoms. Call or schedule an appointment online today.