Important Questions to Ask Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

Important Questions to Ask Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

Important Questions to Ask Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

When you are looking for the right Marrero, LA, facial plastic surgeon, there are a few critical questions to ask. Many patients may be intimidated by the prospect of surgery. However, having all the relevant information can help you prepare accordingly. Some of the most important questions to ask your surgeon include the following

1. Are you board-certified?

Always ask if your plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Certification is proof that they meet all the requirements to practice surgery. Stay away from surgeons who are not certified.

2. How many times have you successfully performed this procedure?

Working with an experienced surgery is always a good idea. You do not want to be their first facial surgery procedure. Even though the experience is important, it is only about the number of procedures they have performed. Consider how many of them have been successful. This may sound like a rude question but it is important.

3. Do you have training in general surgery?

A surgeon can only perform plastic surgery if they are trained in general surgery. If they have no background in general surgery, they are unlikely to do a good job.

4. Where do you intend to perform the procedure?

The hospital where they intend to perform the procedure is very important. It determines the quality of care you get in case of an emergency. Work with a surgeon who intends to perform the procedure in an accredited institution. All surgical centers should be accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, JAHCO, or AAAHC.

5. What type of anesthesia do you use?

Speak to your facial plastic surgeon about the types of anesthesia they use and the possible side effects. General anesthesia can be very risky. It should be administered by a trained and experienced specialist. Ask about the experience of their specialists and what they do to minimize the risks. Regional anesthesia may not be very risky but it also demands professional attention.

6. Have you had any major complications when performing the procedure?

This is a fair question when trying to determine the competence of your surgeon. Knowing about the history of their procedures makes it possible to make an informed decision. Go for surgeons and clinics that have a history of success and safety.

7. Do you have proof of good results?

Work with a facial plastic surgeon who can offer you some proof of their good work. They should be able sufficient proof of their work on their website. Check out before and after photos of previous clients and compare them with your desired outcome.

Choosing a good facial plastic surgeon is an important decision. The right surgeon determines your experience and the results you may receive. Stay away from those who may be unwilling to answer your questions. Pick a few possible options and ask them questions regarding their experience, their choice of anesthesia, board certification, and proof of delivering good results. Work with a plastic surgeon whose answers match your expectations.

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