According to statistics, spine pain is one of the common problems affecting most adults. It affects approximately 80 percent of adults in their lifetime. Although most of us can work through the pain, it can sometimes be so severe that some have to miss work. It can also have an impact on how we carry out our daily activities. Book an appointment with Gramercy Pain Center for spine pain in Holmdel to get the most personalized and effective treatment. Below are some of the main causes of lower back pain:

Herniated disc

Lumbar discs have a jelly-like center that can break through the outer layer and consequently irritate the neighboring nerve. The herniated position also contains proteins that could result in inflammation of the nerve root or nerve compression, causing excruciating pain. When the position tears through the disc wall, it could also cause pain as it has a vast connection of nerve fibers.

Degenerative disc disease

At birth, the intervertebral discs are healthy and full of water for efficient functionality. However, the discs reduce their hydration with age and wear down in the process. A dehydrated disc cannot resist forces properly, causing tearing. As a result, the individual with this condition experiences pain. The weakening could also cause a herniation that could also be problematic.

Facet joint dysfunction

Each disc is supported by two facet discs that aid in motion in every lumbar spine segment. The joints are then surrounded by cartilage between the bones and a ligament that has numerous innervated nerves. The patient may experience both joint and disc pain in this case.


Arthritis is a condition that affects the joint and ligament supporting them. When it attacks the spinal cord joints specifically, it could cause the individual unbearable pain and discomfort.


Sciatica is the chronic pain that results from an irritated or pinched nerve that runs down to the buttock and hips along the entire back. The nerve then travels to one leg. People who experience this type of pain describe it as running from the legs to the lower back.

Spine deformities

A problem with the spine could mean recurring pain that is difficult to manage. This mostly occurs when something is wrong with the spinal joints, discs, muscles, or nerves to operate during movements.

Accidents and injuries

If you happen to fall and get a fracture, sprain, or strain, it could result in chronic back pain. Injuries will result in most physical problems but could also be the entire cause of spinal pain. Lifestyle causes

Pain could be a result of your daily lifestyle behavior. For example, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, slouching at the desk, too much lift of heavy objects, and smoking could affect your back and result in pain.

There are various other causes of spinal pain, including pregnancy and osteoporosis. The doctor will tailor the best treatment option depending on your need and cause of pain. Book an appointment with Gramercy Pain Center for effective minimally invasive treatments. You don’t need to go through surgery to eliminate spine pain.