Are you looking for a Caldwell PRP Treatment specialist? Alternative Disc therapy healthcare center, located in Caldwell, New Jersey, provides innovative regenerative medicine, with Dr. Warren Bleiweiss, as the Managing Director. Dr. Bleiweiss is one of the few certified practitioners to practice safe and effective PRP treatment for multiple conditions such as joint and muscle pain, sports injuries, hair loss, ligament tears, and tendonitis. Now, let’s find out more about their practice.

About Professionals

Meet our office manager-Daniela Couto- and Renee, one of our specialists who have over 15 years’ experience working at our facility. Dr. Bleiweiss is board-certified and takes part as a diplomat in multiple organizations, such as the American Board of Anesthesiology, Medical Examiners, Stem Cell Physicians, etc. Due to his dedication to regenerative medicine, he has gain recognition from his peers throughout his many years’ experience.

Dr. Bleiweiss earned his medical degree and did his internship at the University School of Medicine, NY. He did his residency, in anesthesiology, at Albert Einstein University, before proceeding for a fellowship in pain management practice at the University of Virginia. Also, he did a fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center for pain management, pediatric, and cardiac anesthesia.

About Services

At Alternative Disc Therapy, the practitioners incorporate advanced medical techniques and innovative procedures in their practice. Dr. Bleiweiss is continuously involved in researches on regenerative medicine through various organizations and how to improve the quality of his treatments.

Nonetheless, Dr. Bleiweiss believes in the natural healing of the body. During his treatments, he performs a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient to determine the root cause of his/her condition and avoid medications that could have side effects on the patient. This diagnosis involves evaluation tests and cross-checks of any previous records. Also, he performs multiple minimally invasive procedures.

At Alternative Disc Therapy, there are a variety of services they offer. These services include Ozone injection treatments, Stem Cell Treatment, Intradiscal Ozone Procedures, PRP Treatments, Immune Optimizing Infusions, and Upstream Antiaging Treatments. Dr. Bleiweiss will put you’re the most suitable procedure depending on your condition. Schedule an appointment with him at the center to learn more about these services.

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How to Contact the Center

You can get in touch with our facility through mobile, 973-221-4682, or schedule an appointment online by clicking on the ‘Request Appointment’ button. Conveniently, visit the facility at 29 Smull Ave, Caldwell, NJ. Note that they are open from Monday to Friday, starting from 9 am to 5 pm. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about Dr. Bleiweiss, you can send a text message to your selected provider through their website.

To sum up, Alternative Disc Therapy offers exclusive regenerative medicine treatment care for their patients. Incorporating advanced medical techniques, they offer quality care to their patients. Dr. Bleiweiss is welcoming to all patients. Schedule that appointment with the facility today.