Hair Transplantation as a Cure for Baldness

Hair Transplantation as a Cure for Baldness

Baldness, a common problem among men, has puzzled scientists for many years. Men, in particular, were looking for a cure to revive the old hair they once had. Many scalp oil sellers have claimed to promote hair growth, but these have been discredited and rebutted as mere scams.

Due to the sudden development of technology, a solution was finally found.

The predominant baldness problem is the main cause of your frustration and the threat to change your personality. If you are trapped in a zone of frustration and want to get rid of this terrible suffering, you must go through some therapies to eradicate this problem. There are two types of hair loss: male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

Gone are when there was no solution to some inevitable problems like hair loss, and people were left in pain. Today’s world has witnessed many improvements and technological advances in the medical field. Clever Scientists and researchers have come up with great solutions to some impossible diseases.

Hair transplantation is one of the most outstanding inventions in the world of medicine. The whole process of hair transplantation can be called follicular unit extraction, in which existing hair follicles are used and placed on the bald spot.


Male pattern baldness:

In the case of male pattern baldness, it is usually suppressed by the hormone 5-dihydrotestosterone. Eventually, a particular pattern of hair loss occurs as a result. The hair that surrounds the back of the head is genetically strong and therefore lives permanently. Hair transplant helps with this type of baldness by using the follicles of this permanent back hair and transplanting them onto the bald spot.

Can a medicine help with baldness?

The treatment starts when the best hair transplant surgeon determines how big your thinning/bald spot is required to remove baldness. After that, the donor’s ability to locate is tested: on the back and on the sides of the head, where the hair is the thickest.

The method usually receives a green signal if sufficient grafts can be taken from the donor’s head. At a hair transplant clinic like Skyclinic ┬áthe best hair transplant surgeon will extract the hair from the donor’s head and implant it where it is thinned. Remember that a hair transplant is performed when the patient is fully awake. Hair transplant is the only solution to restore new hair growth.

Female pattern baldness:

Although baldness is common, today, even women are victims of this terrible problem. The previous events have been associated with male pattern baldness. Now let’s talk about female pattern hair loss. Well, several factors point to the cause of hair loss in women.

The reason can be related to hormonal or genetic disorders or any trauma leading to stress, environmental pollution, aging, and many others. Female pattern hair loss is usually treated after analyzing the actual cause of the problem.


Various examinations and tests are currently being carried out to understand the appearance and nature of hair loss. Hair transplant clinics also try to check the patient’s medical history before starting any treatment. You can rest assured that reputable clinics will offer you safe treatments with a higher success rate.