Our skin is our body’s largest organ and hence it plays a vital role in keeping the good things within and the bad things out. There are many of us who has had a finicky skin where synthetic ingredients don’t work. For them, natural skin care is the only option left. However, even though you use natural skin care products, you may still find wrinkles and fine lines on your face by the time you reach 40. You will be then left wondering what you could do in order to keep your skin from aging so fast.

Well, as long as cosmetics and skincare is concerned, it is very important to consider what exactly you’re applying on your skin. It is better to choose high quality skin care products as they may end up into your bloodstream as we know that skin absorbs whatever we apply on it. So, what are the few things which we should look forward to while getting skin care products? Here are some points to take into account.

  • The words ‘organic’ and ‘natural’

Irrespective of whether you have a finicky skin or normal skin, you should always look for the 2 words, ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. However, if you’re new to choosing skin care products, you should be aware of the fact that labels can often be deceiving enough. Just because there are few natural ingredients added to some product, that doesn’t make it non-toxic and clean in spite of what the marketing department would claim. Be aware of the chemical names used and know which to avoid and which to keep.

  • PEGs and Parabens are bad ingredients

Parabens have been linked to hormone disturbing properties and cancer and they are found in almost all conventional beauty products. Even those products which as labels as ‘plant-based’ or ‘natural’ often comprise of this dangerous ingredient. Hence it is important that you check the labels and avoid using any skin care product that has got it. There are few other bad ingredients like PEGs which are also linked with cancer. Remember that PEGs increase the look of aging on human skin as they disturb the moisture factor of the skin.

  • A sign of a leaping bunny

You will be shocked to see the number of companies which still test their ingredients and products on animals! If you find a little Leaping Bunny logo of the words ‘Cruelty Free’ written on it, avoid buying them. These are the companies which we should support and not those which subject animals to different types of cruel experiments which aren’t necessary to make sure skin care products are considered safe.

Therefore, if you care about your skin and you don’t want to spoil it by using wrong skin care products, make sure you consider the above mentioned factors before buying your skin care products. Get recommendations from friends and family on the different companies that are reliable and trustworthy.