A Cardiologist Can Help You with Your Heart Problem

A Cardiologist Can Help You with Your Heart Problem

Heart problems can be caused by many factors including genetics, underlying issues, or unhealthy lifestyle habits. The good news is heart conditions are preventable, but only when you entrust your body with the right professionals. Fortunately, Syed Bokhari, MD, FACC is a board-certified cardiologist in Riverside, CA that leads a team of other heart-related specialists at Advanced Cardiovascular Care, Inc. Read on to find out why they are the best.

A collaborative approach with other cardiologists

The only way to beat heart-related complications is through a collaborative approach with other like-minded specialists in cardiothoracic surgery and vascular and endovascular surgery. This is done to ensure all patients receive seamless care regardless of their gender, race, and medical history.

High-quality cardiac patient care

A good patient care facility should uphold an excellent level of service. Patients need to be placed under the care of compassionate and professional cardiologists so that they can believe in the process. Healthcare providers do not just offer their services for the sake of it. Rather, they should involve their patients and other medical practitioners to promote a patient-focused practice.

A dedicated team of medical practitioners

If you or anyone you love needs heart surgery, the center has cardiac surgeons, cardiac nurse practitioners, and anesthesiologists. They are available around the clock and work closely with you to plan and deliver your treatment, so you get the best service before, during, and post-surgery. The best part is that they explain what will go on during the surgery and what you can expect afterwards.

State-of-art equipment and tools

Heart surgery and other related complications can only be diagnosed using the latest biplane digital imaging tools programmed for interventional procedures. The team relies on advanced cardiac imaging initiatives to identify, evaluate, and treat all types of coronary heart diseases. You can rest assured that your problem will be identified and solved with the best cardiologists in town.

The center also has electrophysiology procedure rooms that are equipped with the latest digital tools for implanting devices, removing leads, and training upcoming cardiologists on electrophysiology. That way, they can perform complicated procedures that primary care providers cannot.

Alternative medical plans for acute heart cases

If you are at risk of developing heart disease, the team will work with you to evaluate your heart’s wellbeing. Helping you to lower the chances of getting heart disease is one of their primary goals. You will be taught how to lead a healthy lifestyle through medication, diet, exercise, and many others. Always adhere to their rules if you want to stay healthy.

Visit a cardiologist today

Advanced Cardiovascular Care has a large team of specialists dedicated to both men and women’s heart health in the region. Whether you have heart failure, stroke, or other heart-related condition, the team will go out of their way to identify the cause of your problem. Even after your surgery, they will monitor how you respond to the treatment. For more information on matters of the heart, consult your cardiologist today.

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