Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Many women at the childbearing age undergo hormonal changes due to aging and experience changes in their genital parts. These changes can affect a woman’s life due to urinary unpredictability, lack of vaginal lubrication, and a reduction in sexual sensation. Vaginal rejuvenation is the solution to your vaginal problem. This non-surgical operation can help improve erotic sensation. Broward Specialty Group, your leading Coconut Creek vaginal revitalization center offers this and other women’s services.

Importance of vaginal revitalization

A woman’s genital area changes due to childbearing, aging, and hormonal imbalance.

To improve the vaginal muscle strength and tone

The female genitalia is composed of elastic muscles, which expand when there is a change in hormones or aging. This makes it loose with thinned-vaginal walls, thus making one feel that they have a bigger diameter. This feeling makes one lose confidence; you can opt for vaginal revitalization because it enhances your vaginal muscle tone and robustness. The procedure helps improve sexual satisfaction.

Treating vaginal atrophy

Vaginal revitalization is the solution to thin, dried, and inflamed vaginal walls. Vaginal atrophy leads to painful intercourse and distress during urination. Vaginal rejuvenation at Broward Specialty Group can reduce the discomfort and give you a new sensation.

Am I a good candidate for vaginal revitalization?

Consult your doctor if you notice the following changes:

  •   Discomfort or pain in the vaginal area
  •   Difficulty to hold your bladder
  •   A feeling of discomfort while wearing some clothes
  •   Pain during sex

The above challenges can be due to vaginal loosening and dryness. Specialists at Broward Specialty Group are readily available to give you the best evaluation and solution to your condition.

However, vaginal revitalization is not all about sex; there are numerous other reasons you can go for the procedure. First, falling of tampons, unwanted tissue around the genitals such as a scar, when you experience a “popping” sound when walking or in any physical activity. You can also get vaginal rejuvenation when you encounter a rough time with bowel movements. Also, vaginal revitalization is a long-term investment; after the reconstructive treatment, you are assured that you will be good for the rest of your life.

This process is done at Broward Specialty Group without requiring incisions, anesthesia, or needles; it is a painless process that is done within 15 minutes. Your doctor at Broward Specialty Group advises that you should abstain from sex for a week after treatment. If you would like to get this rejuvenation, consult a Broward Specialty Group specialist as they understand the importance of rejuvenating your sexual health. However, vaginal rejuvenation is not a guarantee that you will return to the way you were while you were 18 years old; the body goes through wear and tear as we age. It is a good option to assist in alleviating many problems and restoring your confidence; however, you should consider its possible outcomes.

Consult your doctor to learn how vaginal rejuvenation can help restore your confidence and self-esteem.

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