Neurosurgery Specialist in Edison, New Jersey

Neurosurgery Specialist in Edison, New Jersey

Neurosurgery Specialist in Edison, New Jersey

Your bodies’ flexibility and mobility are determined by the health condition of your spinal cord, spinal column, brain, and peripheral nerves. Neurosurgery is known to be a complicated and expensive surgery. Jeff Pan, MD is specialized in providing neurosurgery in Edison. He has 17 years of experience in performing invasive spine surgery and complex spine reconstruction. They evaluate and treat you at a pocket-friendly price in no time.

They are experts in treating all simple and complex spinal conditions, including neck and back pains, craniocervical instability, pinched nerve, spinal radiculopathy, and spinal tumors, among others.

Treatment and Solution

Medical professionals at Jeff Pan MD work together using the latest technology to give you comprehensive inpatient care with the best possible outcomes. Some of the services they offer include.

  •       Cervical conditions

This might be a pain in your neck, arm, and shoulder. The professionals perform a physical and diagnostic test to evaluate the root of your problem. From the underlying cause of your condition, they may take non-surgical treatment to alleviate your symptoms and cervical condition. However, if your condition worsens and non-surgical treatment fails, the paramedics recommend surgical intervention, which includes cervical spinal fusion, laminotomy, discectomy, and artificial disc replacement, among others.

  •       Spinal tumors

Spinal tumors might not be cancerous but are still dangerous because they affect the growth and function of your spine. If you experience neck pain, back pain, and bladder problems, visit Dr. Pan, who will run diagnoses such as bone scan, urinalysis, X-Ray, complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, and acid phosphate to determine whether you are suffering from abnormal growth of tissue around your spinal column. If he finds a tumor, he conducts a biopsy of the growth to determine whether it is an extramedullary tumor, intradural tumor, or an intramedullary tumor. This is to enable him to develop a specialized treatment, which may include full or partial removal of the tumor. After the removal, he will still give you radiation or chemotherapy. Get treated today whether the tumor runs in your family or not.

  •       Thoracic conditions

Besides your thoracic spine is the least flexible part of your backbone, it is still prone to conditions like Scheuermann’s kyphosis, age-related kyphosis, compression fracture, and spinal tumor. Dr. Pan and his medical team may recommend non-surgical conditions such as pain or anti-inflammatory medication, bracing, and physical therapy. Surgery may be done in a complex spinal situation.

  •       Low back conditions 

Your lower back supports most of your upper body weight and, therefore, a common source of pain. For the treatment of all causes and symptoms of back pain that you are experiencing, contact Dr. Pan and get a spinal injection, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory, or pain modification medicine, among other treatments that will alleviate your pain and improve the quality of your life.

Neurosurgery and Pain Specialist

This is a board of certified neurosurgeons who work on reducing your pain, preserving your neurological functions as well as maintaining your spinal stability.

Contact them today and get a chance to enjoy an improved life.




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