When does Shakeology expire?

Shakeology does have an expiry date, but why worry if you are practically using it on a daily basis? Shakeology is meant to expire after 1 year, though the best way to find out is to look for the expiry date on the back and on the right top side of the pack. You are supposed to use your shakeology supply for or within 30 days so there is no need to worry.

Shakeology decided to shorten the shelf life from 2 years to 1 year so that its consumers can get the package at its most potent state. If unopened, shakeology should be consumed within 1 year and ideally 30 days after it has been opened.

It is also advisable to try a half scoop and see if it will have any effect on you like stomach discomfort or cramping. If after consuming you feel fine then it is safe for consumption since not so many people would want to throw away $120 just like that.

Though for better results, take it within the stipulated dates or time frame. It is possible the proteins in the shakeology might not still be potent and there would be no “real protein” present if used past its expiry date.

Note that the expiration dates are usually for protein potency but if kept for longer the less effective it becomes. It is also advisable that one should consume a mix of shakeology at least within 30-40 minutes for good results.

Shakeology is naturally intended to be used within 30 days and having it later than that will not give you the results it is supposed to. Shakeology is not a homemade shake where you take it when you need it, you really need to go by the calendar. You might not even be able to tell whether the shake works when you take it on expiration. The main purpose of the shake is to work in your body and work best.

Others take it to lose weight, gain increased energy levels, and earn lower cholesterol levels so you will not expect shakeology to work best when it has already expired. Do not expect any results when you take it long after the expiry dates. It is very necessary to follow the packaging directives for any manufactured products so as to avoid hazards.

For shakeology to work best, take it within the time stipulated. Probably there are a few customers who state that it does not work as stated before buying it but when you keenly look at how it is stored and within which period it is taken, you get to realize that there are so much mistakes that are made thus not getting the desired outcome.

With shakeology they are not made of chemicals which can be hazardous to the body but you might experience discomfort and stomach issues. There is nothing much that might affect you out of the ordinary. This rather does not advise you to take shakeology after its expiry just because you wouldn’t want to throw away $120, your health is of more importance.


George Abbot

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