Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT is prescribed to men whose levels are low for various reasons. These may include age, tumor in the brain, testicular issues or hypogonadism. When the hormone level becomes low, then men start to feel decreased physical activity, adecrease in bone strength and less muscle growth with fat accumulation, general fatigue. Since the hormone is also sex related, disorders like erectile dysfunction, infertility, motility of sperm and decreased libido could occur. These can be accepted for older men but if one is younger, then may not be good for him. In order to rectify this condition, medicine offers the TRT as a solution. But like everything that is to do with steroids, side effects are likely to occur. Before opting for TRT, it would make sense to know the full facts.

Administering TRT

The best person to guide in this regard is a physician who is well versed with the subject. Normally, TRT is administered via injections, tablets, dermal patches or gels. Each of the methods has their own advantage and disadvantage. Depending on the amount of Testosterone and for how long to be given, the method changes and from person to person. Injections are preferred for short term treatments whereas oral or dermal methods are used for longer durations. In the whole process, side effects observed with TRT should be carefully monitored before they become life threatening. If one starts taking the drug just by reading, then they are in for a shock at the end. The administrationof the drug should be overseen preferably in a clinic and under watchful eyes of the physician.

What one needs to know about TRT

Advantages of TRT

People who have undergone TRT have reported overall general improvements in their bodies, physically and mentally. Some of them include general alertness, increase in muscle growth and tone, increased bone density, tolerance for pain, increase in sex life, good mood and an improvement in focus and concentration. Apart from these specifics, as a medicine, it is also used by people with osteoporosis, diabetes, chronic heart diseases and dementia. This is also given to transgender men (female converting to men) to give them masculine effects. It has been observed in some people who have undergone TRT that the normal process of aging is slowed down. But this is a highly controversial topic still mired in controversy with no clear clinical research and findings.

Side Effects

No one can avoid the side effects of steroids but mostly they can be controlled. The side effects observed with TRT varies from low tosevere and number of side effects again depend on the age, amethod of administration and period of usage. The effects include irritation of theskin, acne, itching, blistering, allergic skin reactions, etc. Moon changes and swings are also very common. Some serious effects are achange in cholesterol level, retention of water but decreased urine flow or irritability while doing so, dramatic weight gains, or testicular atrophy. Diabetic patients need acareful monitoring when recommended for TRT. One should carefully monitor his health for such side effects and immediate remedial measures to be taken in consultation with the physician.