Most people have had at least one of their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life. In some cases, your dentist would recommend you to remove all 4 of them as a precautionary action to prevent any possible dental issues. Though wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is a common procedure, it can become quite complex based on the positioning of your teeth. Thus, do not fail to follow the post-care instructions carefully, so that you can avoid unnecessary complications and pain in the future. Here are some things you should not do to have a successful recovery,

  • Not having a proper plan

You need to prepare in advance for your recovery period. Talk to your dentists about what to expect after removing your wisdom teeth in Melbourne.

Most importantly, arrange a friend or family member to get you back to your home after the surgery.

  • Not getting enough rest

It is essential to restrict your regular activities at the day of the surgery and take plenty of rest. A good sleep can boost your immune system and because of this your wound would heal well and faster.

  • Do not use straws

Sucking through straws would cause force exertion in your mouth. This could dislodge the blood clot and cause bleeding.

  • Swishing your mouth

It is good to have a clean mouth. Also, you would be tempted to swish and rinse excessively because your mouth can feel weird after the surgery. But avoid doing it or your blood clot might get dislodged.

Alternatively, you can rinse in a gentle manner by moving your head front-back and side-side, letting the gravity roll the water around your mouth.

  • Smoking

Smoking is similar to sucking a straw. While smoking, you are pulling in mouth and there is a high chance you would dislodge the blood clot. Also, remember that your mouth is recovering from a surgical procedure. Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens and other harmful substances that could delay the healing process. Also, it can result in dry sockets, a painful reaction that can happen after a surgery.

  • Taking medications on an empty stomach

Recovering from wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is a painful process. Your dentist would prescribe you medicines to help you deal with it. But always have your medications after consuming a bit of food. Or else, the medications can trigger nausea.

  • Not following the recommended diet

You have to avoid drinking carbonated beverages and foods that can be hard to chew like peanuts, pasta, popcorn etc. And hot and spicy foods can cause irritation in your mouth.

Also, if you have any concerns regarding your recovery, consult with your dentist immediately.

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