Wisdom teeth, or the third molar teeth of the humans are well known for the controversial effect they have on the other teeth. Going by today’s evolution, wisdom teeth stand at the brink of becoming obsolete. The main issue faced is that the humans of today tend to present with smaller jaws, and the wisdom teeth do not quite fit in, thus erupt in a crooked fashion, causing severe pain and damage to the nearby teeth. Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is often advocated by many doctors, so that the individual faces lesser trouble than what they would undergo if the teeth caused problems.

How are they removed?

A sedative is administered to the patient, and depending upon the complexity of the teeth positioning, a simple or complex extraction is made. Post extraction, once the patient wears off the sedative, he/she is made to press down a cotton ball in the place of the extracted tooth. This prevents further blood loss, and aids clot formation. However, it would take a few hours before complete sensation returns to the mouth. Wisdom teethremovalcosts in Sydney, vary depending upon the procedure performed, and the additional requirements.

How will the immediate diet change?

Post tooth extraction, the dentist would suggest a few do’s and don’ts.

The Do’s:

  1. Immediately have something cold, that one need not bite into, like Ice-cream, Yoghurt etc.
  2. For the next few days, have soft meals, like oatmeal, mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables, hummus, boiled eggs, soups, puddings, etc., that do not need too much of biting force.
  3. The individual is expected to keep the mouth extremely clean and the extracted area undisturbed, so that the healing process is quicker.

The Don’ts:

  1. Immediately after Wisdom teeth removal, do not have anything that needs you to suck with a straw.
  2. Do not have hot, spicy and crunchy foods for the next few days. This would negative impact, as the complete sensation to the mouth would not occur immediately, and such foods might damage the soft tissues without the person realising it.
  3. Sticky sweet items like toffee are to be avoided, as they might stick to the nearby teeth, and cause abrasions to the raw area of the removed tooth.

Wisdom teeth are a troublesome lot that can challenge even the most experienced dentists. If the extraction of the teeth seems hard, complications that occur due to poor healing would be harder to manage. Thus, proper care needs to be taken, post removal of the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is the most preferred treatment, so that the person’s overall diet and dental health are not affected.