If you are looking for a fast strength increase they will do the trick. But you need an injectable if you want to keep half the size and strength you will gain from them. You need to stick with the blue heart for 1st cycle just to get the feel etc. for things.Take them with injectable testosterone. You will have started to suppress your natural test production. You may get over your fears, and do it properly. Orals alone are a waste of growth IMO. They should be used with injectable.

A 4 week cycle off Dbol only is a waste of money. You will be feeling good and stronger for the four weeks but you can expect a lot off water weight and by the time you stop you will lose nearly all of it.

Catch the features

  1. The orals only debate continues. It does work & it can be a useful precursor to a full blown injectable cycle. You have to go to the gym and lift weights and eat like a mofo possessed. This way, you may suppress your HPTA depending on how long and what dose you use.
  2. You will get water retention and estrogen issues including gyno. Androl is even more powerful and has more sides than Dianabol. However, you can use Winstrol with Dianabol but you will put twice the stress on the li8ver in the process. Ensure using liver protector, typically blue hearts 10 mg Dianabol.
  3.  main features of Dianabol blue hearts

Dianabol is among the most commonly used performance enhancers among both professional and amateur athletes. This rapidly gained more fame and is most known for its ability to promote bound lean muscle growth. The blue hearts are very strong anabolic steroid popular for certain properties, to improve protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and improve muscle strength for a little 4-8 weeks.

The Molecular Structure

  1. Dianabol building is equally effective for losing muscle and fat, as well as increasing workloads in the body stimulus to reduce compliance and fatigue.
  2. It is effective for 6 to 8 hours for blood. This anabolic steroid allows its specific molecular structure to survive without altering its liver metabolism and reduces its propensity to bind to the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).
  3. It may not be all the approach to steroid use, but it is still quite effective and often does not deserve the horror that is now meeting.

Danabol Blue Hearts can aid you boost the speed of anabolic glycolysis, which stimulates the formation of lactic acid in the body, which product becomes glycogen muscles. When this glycogen burns for energy in anaerobic metabolism, lactic acid helps with carbohydrate excretion. For this very reason, Dbol users are less likely to put fat when taking steroids.

If the consumption is going in the wrong way, Dianabol can cause a number of abuse or extreme problems, including oily skin and rashes aggression, hair loss and insomnia. Women may suffer from menstrual abnormalities and masculine features. Its popularity is due to its ability to promote muscle growth and improve performance. So, count your dose before you take.