You might think that there’s no need to pay attention to baby teeth-after all, they fall off after sometime and are replaced by permanent teeth. This could not be further from the truth. If you have a small child, you need to be taking proper care of their baby teeth. The reasons are as follows:

The baby teeth hold space for the permanent teeth. They act as guides when the permanent teeth are moving into place. You need to ensure that the permanent teeth have enough space so that your baby has a good smile and bite. If you allow your baby’s teeth to decay, it will narrow down the space available for the permanent teeth. The result is that the permanent teeth will seem crowded and you’ll end up paying more visits to the pediatric dentist than you should had you taken care of the baby teeth in the first place.

The front teeth of a child are important for proper speech development. If these are missing or damaged, your child may have trouble articulating some words and may even end up with a lisp.

Proper nutrition is essential for everyone, but even more paramount in growing children. And in order for children to get proper nutrition, they need strong healthy teeth that will allow them to eat properly. As such, your kids need their baby teeth taken care of so that they can feed well and grow into strong and healthy adults.

If you do not take care of your child’s baby teeth, they are likely to develop toothaches which will hinder their learning and development by causing them pain and sleepless nights. Toothaches are terrible to have even for adults. Do your child a favor and keep toothaches at bay by taking really good care of their baby teeth.

Most people who have teeth problems tend to have low self-confidence owing to the negative attention they may attract or feel like they attract. This is a bad predicament to put your child in, especially since it can be avoided. Do not let your child walk around with decayed baby teeth simply because you believe they will fall off eventually. As already mentioned, this could impact the development of their permanent teeth. At the same time, this is not good for their self-confidence.

Taking care of your child’s baby teeth is a great way to teach them how to practice good health habits. At their young age, children are impressionable and eager to learn. What you instill in them when they are still young is what they will carry over to adulthood.

Most adults who do not take good care of their teeth started this habit right when they were young children. Some habits are developed over time and practiced throughout one’s lifetime. You can save your child from numerous trips to the dentist by showing them what benefits they stand to gain when they care for their teeth. Don’t just assume that because the teeth are going to fall off  they don’t matter-they do, and they need to be taken proper care of.