Mushrooms are plant like fungal organisms that carry a lot of mystic rumors. Many varieties are known to deliver psychoactive reactions and are classified under scheduled substances. However, apart from the ‘magic mushrooms’, there are other types that entail good health benefits. In fact, traditional healing practitioners have been using the amazing properties of mushrooms for various treatments since hundreds of years. It is a good thing that nowadays you can easily buy these exclusive bio-extracts off the internet.

Anatomy of a mushroom

It is good to demystify the anatomy of a mushroom so that you have a clear concept about its effectiveness. Fungal organisms act as nature’s decadence system. Essentially, they derive the last drops of nutrients from a decaying body (animal or plant) so that nothing is laid to waste. Those mushrooms growing on dead plant parts can be very beneficial. It has two parts, the upper reproductive fruiting body, and the basal fibrous mycelium. This mycelium grows on the host and contains the extracted nutrients. The Ganoderma lucidum is a form of medicinal mushroom. Extraction of its mycelium has proven anti-oxidant effects besides other benefits like stress relief.


Chemical composition

What are the ingredients of the fungal extract? It is convincing to know that the extraction has more than 2000 years of therapeutic traditional use in Asian medicine. Active ingredients include polysaccharides, triterpenes, lectins, steryl esters, and lanostanoids. The amazing health benefits observed include reduction of fatigue, anxiety relief, decreased panic attacks, and immune system boost. Known as lingzhi in Mandarin medicine, its solution has been denoted as the ‘Elixir of Immortality.’ The anti-inflammatory and immune boost functions together deliver a sense of general well-being, as reported by users.

In fact, the goodness goes much deeper. Certain studies also suggest that it may have potent anti-cancer properties. Research has shown it to fight cancer through empowered immune cells, preventing tumor cell mutation, increasing antioxidant levels, inhibiting blood circulation in tumors, increasing the sensitivity of ovaries to anti-cancer medication, and protecting the internal organs from toxic effects of chemo. This effectively means that a patient can consider trying the potion alongside the chemotherapy. Other great benefits reported are asthma relief, improving heart condition, and detoxification for healthy skin. Furthermore, researchers suggest that it can be effective in treating diabetes and hepatitis B.

Observing caution

Even when you have the ‘elixir of immortality’, you still need to observe caution because excess of anything is never good. It is imperative that you should verify the pros and cons of any product with adequate research before using it. Researched online resources (like this article) help you to take an informed positive decision. Foremost, you need to ensure that you are obtaining this form of medical mushroom from a reliable online source. It is unadvisable for pregnant women. If you already take certain medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, and blood clotting, then you should avoid it. Uncontrolled use can cause liver toxicity. Always consult with a trusted medical practitioner to assess its usability for your unique health conditions.