Famous celebrity trainer and fitness expert Chalene Johnson now has best personal workout program for all. No, not physically but virtually every willing one can start doing fitness workout with her.  Chalene’s latest venture – her DVD on PiYo Yoga Workout has seen huge appreciation from the early users. This workout method is one of the best ways of scientific amalgamation of both Pilates and Yoga,which gives the user fast result to lose extra fat and get a natural looking fit and lean body structure.

What PiYo Means?

PiYo is a uniqueness synchronization of both the proven and successful workout method Pilates and Yoga closely. Anyone whostarts following the PiYo workout process properly will surely burn fat and lose weight rapidly.

PiYo Designed for All

 PiYo is such a way of working out that can be adopted by anyone of any age successfully. It is entirely designed to match every type of body structure. PiYo is perfect for them who are looking for such a workout program that might burn fat faster than ever but in a safe way and can strengthen muscles along with offering trim, sturdy body. PiYo is also good choice for people having joint pains as there is no hard jumping or stretching moves included in PiYo workout program. And this program is also less time consuming considering other leading weight loss programs available in the market. PiYo daily session takes more or less 25 to 30 minutes to get done.


How PiYo Works?

Whenever we get to know about something new in workout, our first concern becomes the working process. We start thinking if it is safe or not. And for sure in case PiYo Yoga Workout people are also wondering about the working process. They have lots of questions like- how this program will help to extra fat and firm up the body!

Here Chalene literally does the magic to make the practitioner feel confident to follow the process through out. She also provides a well researched diet chart to give an easy nutritional value that further helps in burning fat and maintaining required body nutrition properly.

And in the main workout part she includes Pilate moves to strength inner core of body which actuallystrengthens the back. These Pilate postures help drawing stomach muscles insideto get a flatter belly look at of course burn excessive calories.

After that it is Yoga that comes. Here Chalene uses the best Yoga postures with a little twist to make Yoga practice enjoyable. Here actually she inserts few easy shorter Yoga moves which are equally effective but not repetitive. This useful insertion of Yoga moves offer flexible, toned and stronger body with better immunity.

What PiYo Does?

Very specifically, PiYo helps lose weight fast and safe. It helps control stress, anxiety. It helps women (new moms) in losing extra baby fat. And above all PiYo offers a complete fat free striking body that gives self-confidence, poise and vigour.