Service dogs may be pre trained or owner trained service dogs. The dogs of owner trained may be trained for even more specific tasks as compared to pre trained dogs. But both kinds would need to be certified for air carriers, rented house agreements and work place, restaurants, hotels etc. As it may be noted that these are special dogs and not comfort dogs and they will need a emotional support dog letter from your medical practitioner for them to be allowed.

Service dogs need not wear special vests or badges to indicate that they are service dogs. The owners will not be charged extra bringing in the dog with him to any place he goes or visits, though he may have to produce the letter. There is another advantage of getting a tax deduction as the owner has to provide food, vaccinations and checkups of the dog too. Though such dogs may be turned out the premises, the dog may cause any disturbance to others and damages the property.

It undeniable that dogs are adorable but their ability to sense danger and understand when he/she is most required especially who don’t have special care givers find it a very good solution of opting a service dog.


What all service dogs do?

  • To remind the owner of the medications that have to be taken.
  • To provide assistance while climbing or getting down elevated levels.
  • To wake up the owner for his work and sometimes accompany him to the place of work.
  • To keep suspicious people or who would harm the patient away as the person cannot may not be able to comprehend the danger he/she may be in.
  • The patient may lose consciousness or be in danger, service dogs are trained to get help or alert others.
  • If there is emotional outbursts, or depression attacks the dogs are trained to simulate and divert attention.
  • Service dogs may carry a tracker with not only the information of their patient but also the disability and medication and dosage required.
  • Respond to fire, or smoke alarms and keep their patients away from harm.

The emotionally support dog also helps the person in being active physically. The person will have more physical activity and this helps in reducing the blood pressure of the person and also his cholesterol levels drop. People who are totally disturbed mentally can have an emotional support dog and they need to have an emotional support letter.

Access to public places: You may be even allowed to visit any public places with the ESA letter provided your dog is trained well and does not misbehave with people or objects around. Thus, a emotional support animal letter is of much benefit when you want to live a normal and usual life.

The professional must mention how having ESA can help in the treatment. When a person has ESA Certificate, it means that he is disabled and is in need of emotional support animal and he can be comfortable with it. Having the pet will let the person be happy and the ESA certified person is always under the care of a practice.